Toyota Auto Auction

Toyota Auto Auction

Toyota Auto Auction, Japan 


Providing Quality with Assurity
Toyota Auto Auction is most trusted and certified name in the market of Japan Auto Auctions. They are dealing with best and latest Toyota Vehicles available in all budget range. TAA auction houses are Located in most popular regions of Japan, making desired vehicles easily accessible for the Japan Car Exporters. Toyota is known for maintaining quality standards and they are world leaders in terms of automobile manufacturing. Toyota Auto Auctions provides high-quality vehicles with complete & proper inspections to maintain their goodwill and trust among the buyers.


About Toyota Auto Auction

Toyota Auto Auction or TAA is among major auction houses in Japan. The auction house is managed by Toyota and specializes in Toyota brand cars. TAA started in 1967 with 3 auction locations, but now with 10 auction locations nationwide, this auction house is surely a major player in terms of volume.

With Strict grading standards, TAA offers clean and perfect condition vehicles to be used on all sort of roads and terrain. As per our experience a car that was graded 2.5 in a TAA auction and then resold in a USS Auction where they gave it a grade 3.5.

Nothing was done to the vehicle shown the strict standards of auction sheet review.



TAA Auction Location:

Located in the major prefecture of Japan like Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Yokohama, Chubu, Kinki, Hiroshima, Shikoku, Kyushu, Minami Kyushu it covers all the regions and exporters can easily access the vehicles available in the auction halls on specific days as per the auction below:

  • You may visit the auction halls and inspect the desired vehicle physically and get whole information of the particular vehicle in terms of interior, exterior, engine and can also verify the certificates and documents related to the vehicle.

  • The sellers in TAA auctions are restricted and in some cases, only Toyota dealers can sell their vehicles in TAA auctions.

  • Toyota Auto Auction is one of the demanding auction houses in Japan. Toyota Auto Auction are more than 10 auction halls located all over in Japan. Check given below details of each auction hall are:
TAA Hokkaido


Auction Hall Auction Day Location No. of Units
TAA Kinki Tuesday 3-1-22 Ninonasimoto-cho, Neyagawa-shi, Osaka Prefecture 572-0076 2500
TAA Kyushu Tuesday Fukuoka Prefecture Kojima City On Iwata City Higuchi-dong 938-1 2000
TAA Hiroshima Tuesday Hiroshima Prefecture Higashihiwa Hiroshima City Hanoi Kenshin 1000
TAA Shikoku Tuesday Kiyokawa Prefecture Sanmao City San Yeo -cho Hi-ku word stone field 1000
TAA Chubu Tuesday Sanjo Kawaguchi-cho, Higashi-ku, Shinjuku-shi 1,500
TAA Minami Kyushu Tuesday Kagoshima Prefecture Aira County Wakamizu-cho Yonaga 2941 - 12 1,500
TAA Kanto Tuesday Shin-port 57-2, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi , Chiba 261-0002 3,000
TAA Hokkaido Thursday Hokkaido Chitose-shi Izumizawa 1007-190 1000
TAA Tohoku Thursday Yubinbango 963-0215 Koriyama, West soft Park 1000
TAA Yokohama Satuarday 6-3 Minami Honmoku Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 1,000


Why choose TAA?

  • Providing high standard Japanese used cars since decades. Name Toyota is enough to tell the whole history of quality and well-maintained vehicles.

  • There are variety and the large volume of inventory available of all types of vehicles to choose your desired option.

  • TAA  team thoroughly inspects the engine, transmission, lamps, indicators, suspensions, bushes, power windows, central locking, drive shafts, steering rack, wipers and give accurate information before delivering the vehicle and ensure to handover a quality product.

  • Vehicle with latest trending features and latest technology in all budget groups are available for bidding.

Trust, transparency, quality and commitment are the words which defines Toyota Auto Action House Japan. TAA provides a complete solution to own your desired vehicle and are dedicated to their clients always taking care of their preferences and convenience.


TAA Auction Sheet:

Auction sheets are an essential part of buying used cars from Japan. It has one of the strictest auction grading system. If a car is graded 3.5 in TAA auction sheet, the same vehicle might be graded as 4 or above in auction sheet of a different auction house. TAA Auction sheet is the important point of inspection when we choose our used car for purchase. The Auction reports are produced by professional inspectors employed by the auction house, independent of us, your export agent, and the seller of the vehicle in question. They can give us the fairly good idea of the condition, history and market value of the specific vehicle before the auction commences with basic information.




Other Auto Auction Houses in Japan:


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