Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association (AIMVIA) 


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AIMVIA is an association that represents businesses associated with the importation, preparation, and sale of used vehicles; founding members include international logistics, shipping and inspection companies, as well as importers, compliance specialists and vehicle retailers to support a fair and competitive vehicle import industry.


Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association

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The Australian Imported Motor Vehicle Industry Association is the independent voice of an industry that’s poised for growth. Our Members represent a wide spectrum of organisations and businesses with interests in vehicle imports and sales. AIMVIA’S position is that Australian consumers and motorists should be entitled and enabled to access the widest possible choice of quality used vehicles that comply with Australia’s safety and environmental standards. Such choice would ensure competition and the best possible pricing of vehicles. With big changes a foot in the market, there’s never been a better time to take a pro-active stance with Government at both the State and Federal level. The creation and expansion of a used vehicle importation industry would create opportunity not only for consumers, but Australian entrepreneurs; mitigating the loss of employment and other damages caused by the withdrawal of the vehicle manufacturing companies.


The Benefits of Membership:

  • As an AIMVIA Member you will have the opportunity to contribute to submissions to Government at all levels. These submissions include those relating to the Motor Vehicles Standards Act, Competition Policy, LCT Luxury Car Tax, grey imports, intelligence ownership, SEVS, odometer certification and more.

  • You will also receive e-alerts of AIMVIA Board decisions and breaking news. You’ll be able to see how AIMVIA is addressing the issues that affect everyone in the vehicle import business.

  • Government’s preference is to deal with independent industry bodies rather than directly with commercial players. Your involvement and support will enable AIMVIA to play a constructive role in supporting the common goals of the industry.


AIMVIA Meetings:

AIMVIA's board of directors recently met with a strong representation from the Port of Sakai-Senboku (Osaka) to discuss the future of used imported vehicles in Australia. The scale of their facilities at the port, and the level of government support provided to help them achieve their goals is truly impressive.


In terms of export numbers from Japan, Australia's intake of used imported vehicles is miniscule; we rank somewhere near Fiji. The Japanese contingent was surprised at our Federal government's reluctance to open up the imported used vehicle trade at a time when local manufacturers have all closed their doors and all new vehicles are also imported.


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Courtesy: AIMVIA

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