The Chiba Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCCI)


Chiba, Japan
Mr. Toshiaki Ishii


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a special authorized corporation established under the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry Law (Established in August 1957)". As a general rule, it is established in city units and there are 515 chambers of commerce in the whole country. 

Both of these are the only regional economic organizations representing regional commerce and industry public opinion, internationally acknowledged as a public-private economic group with a high degree of public awareness that aims to develop regional commerce and industry from a fair and unbiased position.


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • Yubinbango260-0013 Chiba City Chuo 2-5-1 Chiba center building 2, 13 floor 

  • +81-43-227-4101

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About Chiba Chamber of Commerce & Industry:

The difference from the

The Chamber of Commerce is an organization established based on the "Chamber of Commerce Act" enacted in 1960, whose purpose is almost the same as the Chamber of Commerce, but the establishment of the establishment, the jurisdiction area, the number of members etc. 

Purpose of establishment: The Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims at promoting comprehensive improvement development of commercial and trading companies within the district, as well as contributing to the welfare of society in general.
Membership: 5,122 (as of the end of March 2009)

The Committee Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an institution that conducts research on regional problems and economic problems, which are necessary for achieving its objectives, or important matters concerning the operation, consisting of legislators and experts. Currently there are 8 Standing Committees and 120 Members must belong to any Committee. In addition, when there is a necessity for important matters with limited time limit, we will set up a special committee separately from the committee and conduct research and research. 

  • General Affairs Committee 
  • Industrial Policy Committee
  • Urban Development Committee
  • Commercial Distribution Committee
  • Welfare Environment Committee
  • International Committee
  • Information Committee
  • Finance Taxation Committee


Four Features:

1. Compositeity: All industries and businesses can participate regardless of type of industry, size, individual, corporation. 

2. Regionality: We will promote the development of commerce and industry based on the region. 

3. Publicity: Although it is a member-oriented organization, we will work for the entire region beyond the membership boundaries. 

4. Internationality: It is an internationally rich group that works in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry around the world.


Business outline of the Chamber of Commerce:

Although the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is a member of promoting its business activities as a mother body, by the law it imposes the mission of "to develop balanced development of all commercial and industrial communities in the region", it is extremely public We are engaged in the following projects for the development of regional commerce industry without aiming for profit or profit of a specific person as an organization.

  • Recommendations Requested activities 
  • Regional promotion 
  • Various consultations throughout management · founding support 
  • Promotion of internationalization and membership 
  • Fostering and securing of human resources · 
  • Promotion of smooth business transaction 
  • Fulfillment of welfare benefits 
  • Provision of management information


Activities of the Chiba Chamber of Commerce and Industry:

The Chiba Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to promote and develop the industries and economies of the area mainly in Chiba prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, promoting regional economic revitalization, management assistance, various examination tests, including recommendations and requested activities to the administration We are developing a wide range of business activities including implementation of workshops etc. 





Courtesy: CCCI

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