USS Auto Auction

USS Auto Auction

USS Auto Auction, Japan


USS stands for Used Car System Solutions. USS Auto Auction is a membership-based organization which consists 50,000 members. It was established in the 1980s with a view to providing a complete solution for used cars from Japan. In the year 1980, Aichi Automobile General Services Co., Ltd., was established, the predecessor of USS Co., Ltd., and adopted USS as the brand name later. In December 2000, USS Co., Ltd. listed on the first sections of both Tokyo & Nagoya Stock Exchange. With its fast growth and advancement with technology in August 2017, USS Co., Ltd. took over 66.04% of Japan Automobile Auction Inc. (JAA) stock and made this a subsidiary company. 

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USS auction house offers high grade vehicles in 19 on-site locations across Japan. Japan is one of the largest markets for used cars in which USS auction house covers 30% of overall market. The capital invested by USS is 18,881 Million Yen. "Our strategic map divides all of Japan's auction market into seven geographic regions, and we are already the No. 1 player in all but Kansai, Tohoku and Chugoku・Shikoku region. We will not rest until we become the No. 1 auction site in each regional market", said Yukihiro Ando. Yukihiro Ando is the president and representative director of USS Co., Ltd. The company is headquartered at 507-20, Shinpo-machi, Tokai-shi, Aichi Prefecture 476-0005 Japan with recycling, buying and purchasing of second-hand vehicles as the main business. 


USS Auto Auction Location:

USS is the largest Auction hall In Japan that holds its core on-site auctions at 19 locations across the country.

The auction sites of USS are USS Sapporo, USS Tohoku, USS Niigata, USS Gunma, USS Tokyo, JAA, USS Saitama, USS Yokohama, USS Shizuoka, USS Hokuriku, USS Nagoya, USS-R Nagoya, USS Osaka, USS Kobe, Haa Kobe, USS Okayama, USS Shikoku, USS Fukuoka, USS Kyushu and USS Kagoshima Site.

The auto auction is held at different venues of USS, from Monday to Saturday.

This extensive network of USS auction provides advance utilities to the members, by which they can participate in the auction from anywhere. Check the various USS auction hall locations. 


Auction Hall Auction Day Location Telephone
USS Yokohama Tuesday 9-20 Daikoku-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa +81-45-508-7000
USS-R Nagoya Tuesday 507-52 Shinpo-machi, Tokai, Aichi +81-52-601-6100
USS Sapporo Wednesday 71-9 Kakuyama, Ebetsu, Hokkaido +81-11-380-2700
USS Tohoku Wednesday 128 Banzaki, Ashitate, Murata-machi, Shibata, Miyagi +81-224-82-1000
USS Niigata Wednesday 1-1 Shinkou-cho, Mitsuke, Niigata +81-258-66-8000
USS JAA Wednesday 3-2-1 Rinkai-cho, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo +81-3-3878-1190
USS Kobe Wednesday 1-4-6 Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo +81-78-304-5000
USS Fukuoka Wednesday 139-1 Nishioda, Chikushino, Fukuoka +81-92-926-9000
USS Tokyo Thursday 5653 Kimagase, Noda, Chiba +81-4-7120-8000
USS Saitama Friday 3093-1 Miyadera, Iruma, Saitama +81-4-2935-2020
USS Nagoya Friday 507-20 Shinpo-machi, Tokai, Aichi +81-52-689-1111
USS Osaka Friday 2-7-106 Nakashima, Nishiyodogawa-ku, Osaka, Osaka +81-6-6476-1000
USS Gunma Saturday 387 Naka, Fujioka, Gunma +81-274-24-8000
USS Shizuoka Saturday 862-1 Kuno, Fukuroi, Shizuoka +81-538-45-0005
USS Hokuriku Saturday 377-6 Ka, Minato-machi, Hakusan, Ishikawa +81-76-256-2333
USS HAA Kobe Saturday 21-1 Onohama-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe , Hyogo +81-78-326-5566
USS Okayama Saturday 554-1 Nagao, Akaiwa, Okayama +81-86-955-9000
USS Shikoku Saturday 57 Kou, Kitaumemoto-machi, Matsuyama, Ehime +81-89-970-8600
USS Kyushu Saturday 710-1 Hinokuchi, Sakainishimachi, Tosu, Saga +81-942-81-1234
USS Kagoshima Site - 4-4 Nanei, Kagoshima, Kagoshima +81-99-210-1101


Ways to access USS Auto Auction:

Three ways are there for taking part in auto auction via satellite, on-site, or over the Internet.

  • On-site USS Auto Auctions: On-site auctions are conducted once a week at nationwide locations. Members can take part for hassle free bidding at on-site auctions, choosing from a wide-range of models and years, and can actually conduct their own preliminary inspections of required vehicles.

  • Satellite Medium: In this members can participate in auctions by using proprietary terminals for satellite-based communications. They can obtain information about vehicles in advance from their offices and can also check details about specific vehicles.

  • Internet auctions: Participants can check quotation information displayed on their PCs before auctions and preview the vehicle details. Members that have put their vehicles up for auction can check the progress of bidding in real time.


What makes USS different from other Auctions?

Registered members of USS, can only participate in vehicle auctions. Every year many companies are getting registered for the participation in the auctions because USS has a huge number of vehicle consignments, which are beneficial for both buyers and sellers. The success of USS is due to long history and vast knowledge about the on-site auction business combined with their willingness to use the latest digital technology. 

  • Fast Pace: Fast Pace is one of the features that is making USS different from others because, USS value their members time, moving the entire process along quickly, from researching vehicles prior to bidding to delivering them once contracts have been completed. USS submit all the detailed information to a database by which the members will get all those information through the CIS (customer information system). This will save the time of members because they now only invest their time in researching the specific vehicles.

  • Strength: USS leads the used vehicle market with an overwhelming share. There are more than 50,000 companies which are registered members of USS. More than 3 million vehicle consignments have been successfully executed.

  • Easy to Access: Allowing the members to access the vehicles available in an auction from anywhere in Japan and bid via one-site, Satellite, and internet live medium.


Activities of USS Auction House:

At USS auction houses the participation of dealers and members is based on their own preference as the auction at USS takes place on different days of the week, so they can attend the auction according to their convenience. USS auction house is having 47,229 onsite auction members, 166 used vehicle purchasing shops, 2,741 satellite auction members, and 30,127 Internet auction members. USS facilitates the smooth distribution of used vehicles nationwide through its highly sophisticated used-vehicle auctions and also scraps unsold vehicles at the request of their owners to recycle them as rebuilt auto parts, raw materials, or solid fuel.



Other Auto Auction Houses in Japan:



Courtesy: USS Auto Auction

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