Fukuoka Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (FCCI)


Fukuoka, Japan
Mr. Seiji Isoyama


Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry English FUKUOKA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE & INDUSTRY "FCCI" and the image character "Yoshika" shape and color together. In addition, the phrase "to take pride in meddling" is the slogan "Famous by the Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry", "Chamber of Commerce and Industry loved and trusted by the community" and "Chamber of commerce to act" More than that, I take care of everything more carefully than anything, and the feeling of delivering energy and warmth to everyone in Fukuoka's area and companies is put in it.


Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • 2-9-28, Hakataeki Mae, Hakata-ku Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 812-0011, Japan

  • +81-92-441-1110

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Company Profile:

The FCCI, the largest body of its kind in kyushu, is a comprehensive regional economic organization with an all-voluntary membership. The FCCI aims to include all kinds of mercantile and industrial businesses, irrespective of category or scale, while contributing to the enhancement of social welfare.

The FCCI's important activities as a comprehensive economic body are to offer proposals, opinions and requests from various areas here to central and local governments and other related institutions while making efforts to bring about the essential improvement and development of regional businesses.


What is Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry?

It is an economic organization composed mainly of commerce and industry in Fukuoka city. On behalf of the promotion of regional economy and fascinating Fukuoka, we promote large-scale projects, promote international exchange, opinions and requests for national policy on behalf of the business world, and provide various services to members I will.

About the Chamber of Commerce

The "Chamber of Commerce and Industry" established throughout the country is an economic organization aimed at promoting regional commerce industry, a special corporation based on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Act. It is mainly set up in the city, about 515 places nationwide has about 1,260,000 members.  In Fukuoka prefecture, 19 chamber of commerce and industry chapters are set up by regional unit, and local commercial merchants are joining and managing. 

The Fukuoka Chamber of Commerce & Industry is located in the center of Fukuoka City, which is rapidly developing as a hub in Asia.

 This is a comprehensive and economic organization that was established in 1879 for the purpose of promoting the overall improvement and development of commerce and industry in Fukuoka, as well as contributing to the promotion of general social welfare and culture here.

Fukuoka City attracts an increasingly wide variety of international conventions, business meetings and events, thanks in large part to its excellent convention facilities and accessibility via numerous domestic and international air routes. Hakata Bay, a physical distribution base in Kyushu, has shipping routes leading to many countries and is still developing as an international port.


Main Activities:

  • Fulfillment of Proposals and Request for Activities
  • Industrial Development
  • Services for Members
  • Promotion of International Projects
  • Promotion of International Understanding





Courtesy: FCCI

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