Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry (NCCI)


Nagoya, Japan
Mr. Ado Yamamoto


Established as a comprehensive regional economic organization, NCCI is committed to promoting the area’s economic growth by boosting the commerce and industry in this region.

Legal Status: Special corporate organization in conformance with the Chamber of Commerce Law
Annual budget: Approx. 4.1billion yen(US$40 million)


Nagoya Chamber of Commerce & Industry

  • 2-10-19 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken 460-8422 Japan

  • +81-52-223-6742


NCCI Activities:

Policy Proposal

Collecting opinions and requests of its members, NCCI helps resolve economic and regional issues which cannot be tackled by one company alone. NCCI makes a wide range of policy proposals and requests to the national, prefectural and municipal governments. 

Regional Development

In order to revitalize the regional economy, NCCI also strives to advance large-scale projects, develop transportation network, create attractive towns, and promote regional cultures.

Management Consultation Service and Guidance

NCCI offers a broad array of consultation and guidance services related to business issues, expansion of markets, personnel recruitment, vocational training, and etc.


Services for International Activities:

NCCI organizes numerous economic missions including the ones headed by Chairman, which have contributed to expand global business networks and to promote this region worldwide. NCCI also receives economic missions and government officials from abroad.

NCCI organizes the largest class cross-industrial trade fair in Japan (MESSE NAGOYA),promoting global business to business exchange for participants to expand sales channels and personal networks across countries and industries.

NCCI organizes investment seminars and offers useful advice and information to companies which plan to venture or expand their present business abroad. NCCI also sends an Investment Survey Missions and has contributed to expand the global presence of small and medium-sized enterprises.





Courtesy: NCCI

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