Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI) 


Yokohama, Japan
Mr. Takashi Uyeno


The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI) was founded in 1880 as a non-profit, non-partisan organization. Our long-standing tradition of over 130 years of service has established us as the leading voice of Yokohama business.

The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI), with its foundation legislated in a specially designed Japanese law titled the “Chambers of Commerce and Industry Law,” is a nonprofit comprehensive economic organization comprised of small, medium, and large enterprises. The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI) offers and provides information and advice on all types of human resources and employee relations issues.


Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry

  • 2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-8524, Japan

  • +81-45-671-7400

  • +81-45-671-7410

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Company Profile:

The YCCI is known as one of the most influential and venerable chambers of commerce and industry in Japan. As a proactive catalyst for development, the Chamber strives to promote and support the drive for globally competitive Yokohama-based enterprises and to improve the business climate and quality of living in the Yokohama metropolitan area for residents, workers, and visitors.

The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI) has recently involved with corporate globalization support activities in cooperation with the City of Yokohama (Economic Affairs Bureau), (JETRO) Japan External Trade Organization Yokohama, and Yokohama Industrial Development Corporation (IDEC Yokohama). These four organizations have jointly and cooperatively sponsored and organized a variety of business seminars to promote SME's corporate globalization.


Major characteristics of the Chamber:

The aggregate number of chambers of commerce and industry in Japan today stands at more than 500, with a chamber in almost every city. Each chamber, including The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has four major characteristics of daily operations.

The Chamber is considered an important element of the success formula for regional economic growth and industrial development in Yokohama and will keep moving forward to explore the future development and further improvement.

1. Public-spirited: A chamber of commerce and industry is a public-oriented organization that serves for the good of its region and is prohibited from engaging in any business activities intended to benefit particular individuals or organizations.

2. Region-based: Closely related to its coverage area, a chamber of commerce and industry promotes the development of the region’s commerce and industry. 

3. Comprehensive: Application to a chamber of commerce and industry is open to various fields of business regardless of the size, type, and nature of their business. 

4. International: A chamber of commerce and industry has a global outlook and maintains connections with other chambers of commerce and industry around the world.


Chairman Message: Takashi Uyeno

In its long and successful history, the Chamber has strived to provide focused advocacy for business growth and sustainable development for the advancement of entrepreneurship, international trade relations, business innovation and excellence, and efficient business operation.

We encompass a broad range of topics, including economic development, business advocacy, interfacing with all levels of government, and business consultation services, each of which is important to our membership. I must thus realize that the YCCI is in a time of challenge and innovation and at a critical juncture for business development and dynamism. I respectfully ask for your kind attention to and cooperation with our future activities.


Membership Benefits:

The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry (YCCI) has for years served as a promoter, advocate, business opportunity interlocutor, researcher, and community representative. Most of all, the Chamber has served as a partner facilitating and working with the Yokohama business community to help their pursuit of growth and prosperity.

The Chamber presently provides the following member benefits:

  • Participate in business promotional activities 
  • Participate in advocacy-related events 
  • Participate in networking-focused gatherings 
  • Participate in business seminars and speaker events 
  • Voting rights if company is a Yokohama-based entity 
  • Eligible for election to YCCI board officers 
  • Receive YCCI Quarterly Journal - E-newsletter 
  • Free business consultation 
  • Corporate loan/financing consultation 
  • Discounted rates on trade certificate applications 
  • Discounted rates on various events 
  • Discounted rates on room rentals and many more.




Courtesy: YCCI

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