Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI)


77,060 (As of Mar. 2014)
Tokyo, Japan
Akio Mimura


The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) was established by a group of businessmen including Viscount Eiichi Shibusawa (the 1st Chairman of TCCI) in 1878, when the Japanese economy was still in its infancy. Their aim in doing so was to “lead the Japanese economy to prosperity.”

In the over 130 years since then, with each tide change that has impacted the business environment, TCCI has engaged in business support activities in response to the challenges members face, including making policy recommendations that represent the views of businesses, from large corporations to small and medium enterprises. It has also developed finely tuned local revitalization measures rooted in the community and has thus realized a vital Tokyo.


Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry(TCCI)

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Company Profile:

The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI) was established in 1878, making it the oldest economic organization in Japan. TCCI membership is comprised of companies of a variety of types and sizes: large enterprises, SMEs, private enterprises, other organizations, and individual business persons in the 23-ward area of metropolitan Tokyo. Members are involved in all types of business and work together to overcome problems or enhance business opportunities that would not be possible for individual entities. The number of members was 77,060 as of March 2014.


Each member belongs to one of nine divisional groups organized based on industry type, and also belongs to a chapter associated with one of Tokyo's 23 wards. Members elect 150 councilors who deliberate and determine important matters such as annual budgets and final accounting results at the General Meeting of Councilors. The most recent election was held in 2013. At the Executive Councilors' Meeting, Chairman, Vice Chairmen, Special Advisors, Executive councilors, Auditors, and President treat opinions and requests put together by several committees so as to continuously improve the management environment.


Chairman's Message: Akio Mimura (21st Chairman)

The decision to award the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics to Tokyo fulfills a long-cherished wish and brings hope for a bright future, not only in Tokyo but also throughout the rest of Japan. At the same time, moreover, the path to economic revitalization is at last coming into view. 

Japan is still the world’s third largest economy; moreover, it exceeds China in terms of domestic consumer demand. Japan enjoys high levels of education and technological capability, together with wonderful tourist attractions and traditional culture; our country’s merits are highly appraised by the world at large.

The TCCI has three missions: “the prosperity of the member companies," "development of the Tokyo metropolis", and "development of the Japanese economy". It is extremely important that these three missions face in the same direction.

Seeing TCCI’s role from now on as one of “Building the foundation for a fresh start by Japan," I have pledged to all our members that we will exert every effort to achieve further advances through tireless evolution. In order to achieve a fresh start and attain growth, our basic tenets will be a “handson approach” and an “interactive approach,” based on three perspectives – “reappraising and manifesting Japan’s strengths and latent power,” “self-help efforts by the private sector,” and “globalization leading to growth." 

With a view to fulfilling our three missions, we will work together with you all so that, through the leadership of the Tokyo metropolis, we can take a powerful step toward a fresh start for Japan, and materialize a future full of hope.



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