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Saleen Automotive, commonly known as Saleen, is an American manufacturer. Its specialty of manufacturing high-performance sports cars and high-performance automotive parts. Saleen is headquartered in Corona, California, USA. It was founded on 1983 as Saleen Autosport. On June 26, 2013 Saleen Automotive, Inc became public through a reverse merger. It is listed on the OTC Bulletin Board. It is controlled and majority owned by Saleen brand founder Steve Saleen.

Saleen's flagship car was the Saleen S7, launched in 2000. The S7 was wholly manufactured by Saleen and features a mid-engine design in a high-performance supercar package. Saleen currently manufactures the S302 (Mustang-based), S620 (Camaro-based), the S570 (Challenger-based), and the GTX (Tesla Model S-based), and most recently have declared that they are in development of a new Saleen supercar, a limited run successor to the S7 supercar, the S7 LM.




The Saleen brand was founded in 1983 originally as Saleen Autosport by Steve Saleen. Steve Saleen was a former professional Formula Atlantic race car driver. The 1st Saleen was manufactured in 1984 when they built 3 cars as the first production run – a white hatchback, a copper glow hatchback, and a black hatchback. In 1985, Steve Saleen put the first certified supercharger on a production Saleen Mustang. In 1986, the Saleen made its entry into the Sport Car Club of America Race Series with a race prepped version of the Saleen Mustang. A notable win that year at the grueling 24 Hours of Mosport was the catalyst for Saleen vehicles becoming heavily involved in motorsport throughout the rest of the 1980s.



In response to increased aftermarket parts demand, Saleen established Saleen Performance Parts as an independent operation by 1990. In 1994, Saleen introduced the S351 which touted a Saleen built 351ci engine. Despite the Mustang GT changing to the modular V8 in 1996, Saleen continued with development of their own EPA-certified 351W engine. Saleen launched a Saleen Contour concept and an SUV, the Saleen XP8 Explorer in 1997. In the late 1990s, the company was restructured and became Saleen, Inc..



In 2000, Saleen launched their flagship vehicle, the Saleen S7 supercar. The S7 is a mid-engine, high-performance sports car. The S7 won four different GT championships in 2001 and has broken records at the prestigious 24-Hour Le Mans race. The S7 was Saleen's only production car not based on an existing design or chassis. Saleen was awarded the assembly and paint contract for the new Ford supercar, the Ford GT in 2002. This effectively made Saleen a Tier 1 supplier to Ford Motor Company. Saleen opened its first own branded retail store in an outdoor shopping center in Irvine, California in 2006. The showroom was described as a unique shopping experience for Saleen vehicles, parts, and apparel. In 2007, Saleen started working with Chrysler and supplied all the paint work for the new Dodge Viper.



In 2013, Saleen entered into a merger that resulted in Saleen being a publicly traded company. Later that year it was announced that the Saleen operations, manufacturing, R&D, and paint facilities would be merged to an expansive four acre campus in Southern California. Saleen revealed an all-electric performance model, the FOURSIXTEEN in August 2014. In 2016, There has been assumption that an electric version of Saleen's signature car, the S7 being dubbed 'S7E', could possibly be under development utilizing drivetrain and electronics from the Tesla Model S platform. It has been noted that Saleen has previous experience with the Model S platform, in their modified version the Saleen GTX (Previously named the FOURSIXTEEN), which Saleen offers in their current product lineup.



Saleen's birth year of 1984 also marked the first year that a Saleen Mustang was entered into a race, when owner, Steve Saleen, launched the first streetcar, the Saleen Mustang, and raced it at Sears Point Raceway, California. In 1986, Saleen entered the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) Endurance Series with a race prepared version of the Saleen Mustang, winning the grueling 24 Hours of Mosport, Canada with a sponsorship from General Tire. In 2004, while Europe watched, the Saleen S7R captured the 1st place win at Imola, Italy, beating home-track favorites Ferrari, Maserati, and Lamborghini, and the unveiling Maserati MC-12.



Saleen Performance Parts

The aftermarket parts department of the company markets car parts and accessories such as custom wheels, exhaust systems, brakes, and other high-performance parts.

  • Superchargers
  • iPod adapter
  • 2005–2009 Mustang HID headlamps
  • Saleen Mustang Scenic Roof
  • Frost Touch Scenic Roof
  • Watt's Link


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