Grinnall Specialist Cars Ltd. U.K.


Mark Grinnall

Bewdley, Worcestershire, UK


The Grinnall Specialist Cars Ltd. ( Grinnall Cars) is an automobile and motorcycles maker. It was founded by Mark Grinnall in United Kingdom. This company mainly manufactured three-wheelers. It is based in Bewdley, Worcestershire.



For three decades, Mark Grinnall has headed a team of talented designers, engineers and craftsmen who have dedicated themselves to providing top quality performance on wheels. In the beginning, Grinnall Cars began to modify Triumph TR7 cars. By 1990 they manufactured 350 units of Grinnall TR8 based on Triumph TR8. In 2006 The Triumph Register acknowledged the Grinnall TR8 as a marque in its own right, and has compiled extensive history files on the vehicles. In 1991 Grinnall began to manufacture three-wheelers (also known as Trikes). In 1992 they began Scorpion III development. In 1998 began Scorpion IV development.


New concept needed

In 1991, in search of a radical but affordable high performance concept, Mark Grinnall turned towards his passion for motorcycling, and his hand to an innovative three-wheeler, which unlike any of its illustrious ancestors would be high-tech, mid-engined and rear wheel driven. This was to be the first in a family of unique, niche-market sporting vehicles. The Scorpion-III made its unveil in 1992 when it was featured in CAR magazine, an article written by a young Colin Goodwin. The S-III is still in production over 20 years after its launch. The latest S-III model features the state-of-the-art BMW 1300cc 4-cylinder motor from the K1300S motorbike. With 185bhp, wider track, billet uprights, stiffened rear suspension and many other new features.

The next stage in the company history was to build a four wheeled version of the S-III. Development of the Scorpion IV started in June 1998. Scorpion-III designer Steve Harper (SHADO) was again commissioned to style the S-IV to the same ‘form follows function’ design brief, and maintain a clear family relationship between the two.

Findings from the research and development of the highly-acclaimed Scorpion-III went into the manufacturing of the new Scorpion-IV chassis; a space-frame structure which is remarkably rigid, yet respectably light. In 1999 work started on the first of our motorcycle derived moto-trikes – with a single front wheel. For us the obvious starting point for a great trike was the BMW R1200C – a machine that had the twin advantages of BMW’s tele-lever front suspension and shaft drive. It was launched in 2000, this has been a constant seller for us.


Production list

  • TR8
  • Trike 1200C/CL also known as Trike I
  • Trike 1150R also known as Trike II
  • Trike R3T
  • Scorpion III
  • Scorpion IV


New Products

Scorpion III – K40

The latest Scorpion III is powered by the amazing BMW 1200cc and 1300cc K-series engines. Power outputs are 170bhp and 185bhp respectively, giving the little S-III a power to weight ratio of over 460lbs/ton. There is now a choice of engine management systems. The Grinnall option eliminates the use of the CANBUS system used by BMW. Our plug-and-play system is very simple to install. It’s no longer necessary to connect the BMW computer for the engine install or servicing.



Scorpion IV – production re-starts in 2015

This fire breathing monster was mothballed for several years due to lack of factory capacity and the resounding success of the R3T trike. The new premises in the spring of 2015 will enable production to re-start of the Scorpion IV. We are currently developing a revised S-IV rear suspension that alters the rear camber in corners, thereby improving rear end grip.


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