How to find Exporters

How to find Exporters


How to find Exporters


To find list of Japanese Exporters dealing in used vehicles, buses, trucks, equipments, parts, bikes etc. please follow below instructions:

1. Click Car Dealers in top Menu and Complete list of Japanese used car exporters will be displayed along with the search options.

2. Use Search Panel to find the Exporter you are looking for.

Search by Deales in: Select the category of vehicles for which the dealer is required. For example: Exporter dealing in Cars, Trucks, Buses etc.

Search by Prefecture & City: Locate the used car dealers in a particular prefecture/state and city of Japan. For example: Tokyo Shinjuku

Search by Languages known: Search the dealers by local languages. For example: English, Swahili, Arabic etc.

Search by Business Type: Search the Exporters by business Type services like: Auction Agent, Distributors, Shipping, etc.


3. Many exporters also provide other services as well, so it you have option to take services from the same dealer you are buying the vehicle.

Search by Stock: Filter the dealers having stock on JCT, click on Yes and search to get list of dealers with stock.

Search by Membership: Filter the dealers by JCT Memberships: Premium, Gold, Silver & Free.

Search by Associations: Search by members having membership in government recognised associations like JUMVEA, JUMVEA Safe Trade and SLAEAJ.

Search by Keyword: In case you remeber the name of the Exporter enter in the keyword field and search to get the result.

For example if you Search by Ramadbk in the keyword you will get Ramadbk Ltd. in the result.

Alphabetical Search: Get the exporters filtered by their name's first alphabet. For example: Click A to get list of all exporters having their name starting with A.



4. Sorting Options are available to sort the dealer list with below options:

A-Z Company name: will make the order of the listing in   of A to Z.

Z-A Company name: it will change the order of the listing in alphabetical order of Z to A.

Oldest Member: It will show the oldest member on top.

Recent Member: It will show the recent joined members on top.

Most Stock: Exporters with maximum stock will be sorted on top.

Least Stock: Exporters with minimum stock will be sorted on top

Most Viewed: Exporters with maximum views from buyers will be sorted on top

Least Viewed: Exporters with minimum views from buyers will be sorted on top

Have Testimonials: Exporters with testimonials will be displayed first.

5. Add to Favorite: Now make your own list of favorite dealers by click in on Add to Favorite icon or by checking the check box and clicking on the Add to Favorite button on top of the list.

6. Contact: Send your vehicle requirement, complaint, Feedback, Error Report, Others by clicking on the contact button for the respective exporter.

7. Multiple contact: Want to send same message to more than 1 exporter, use multiple contact and save time.

Click on the check boxes against the respective exporters and click on Multiple contact button. You can only send max 50 contacts at a time.

8. Exporter's Stock: click on Stock button of the respective exporter to check their stocklist.

9. Exporter's Details: click on View Details button of respective exporter to check their details.




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