FAQ for Payment

FAQ for Payment

FAQ for Payment


There are different payment methods accepted in Japan like Letter Of Credit (L/C), Telegraphic Transfer(T/T), PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union etc. Telegraphic Transfer (T/T) is the most preferred method of payment as it is the quickest, safest and simplest method. It will take approx 3 days to receive and process your payment. You can confirm from the dealer about the payment method they accept and make payment through the same method in their Japan bank account.
You should pay at dealer bank account only in Japan not outside of Japan. To avoid scams and frauds while buying used vehicles from Japan, check tips at below link:


All orders must be paid in full before Dealer start the shipping procedure. Dealer will start the shipping arrangement process once Dealer's bank confirms that full payment has been received. However in case of the bulk orders you can confirm from the dealers if they are agreed on some different payment terms.
The most preferred mode of payment is Telegraph Transfer in Japan. It means that most of dealers do not accept credit card or letter of credit. However you can always confirm from the dealers if they can accept the payment from checks or credit cards.
Dealer stock will be sold upon “first come, first serve” basis. Upon your full payment, dealer will reserve the vehicle. Dealer will send you the proforma invoice asking to make the payment before the payment due date.
You can visit dealer bank account page on his site or you may ask about it to dealer but always make payment in dealer bank account only in Japan. Please check our fraud page for more information.
It is very important that you provide proof of payment to Dealer to reserve your order. Once the payment has been made, please send dealer a confirmation of payment together with the Proforma invoice number or your given customer number by Email. Once your payment is confirmed in Dealer Bank account, dealer's sales staff will notify you via email.
You can confirm with the dealer for the payment refund if the order is cancelled before shipping. Dealer may refund the payment after deducting the cancellation charges.
Most of dealer have 100% full payment payment terms before they ship the car. However you can ask about the payment terms from the dealer.
You must ask the dealer about the payment terms before making any transaction. Always make payment using the payment method suggested by the dealer in their Japan bank account. T/T – Telegraphic Transfer is the safe and faster method of payment.
In Japan most of dealers accept only US dollars, Euro and Japanese Yen. You can ask about it to dealer that in which currency they can accept.
Do not worry!

Dealer will either:

  • Refund your money.
  • Look for a replacement vehicle of the same model.
  • You can choose any other vehicle from Dealer stock with the same value.

Step1:  Bring the Proforma invoice issued by dealer to your nearest bank

Step2:  Complete the TT application form with details given on Proforma invoice

Step3:  Collect the TT copy (Bank Receipt) and Email it to Dealer.

You can contact the dealer you have paid for the refund. They will transfer your money back in your bank account after deducting the bank charges and then you can confirm with your bank for refund received.
After you have made the payment it usually takes between 2 to 7 days for the funds to reflect in Dealer's account.
Yes, the vehicles can be purchased at FOB price as well from Japan. FOB stands for Freight On Board, dealer will arrange for the transportation of the vehicle till port of discharge and bear all the costs till there. After that the shipment to destination port and insurance cost will be paid by buyer.
Total cost required to own a car is calculated as below :

FOB  + Warranty(Optional) + Export inspection (If required by your country) + Shipping Cost to your country + Tax in your country + Cost of Wharfage charges + Import Duty + Clearing Cost + Inland Transport fee (if necessary) = Total Cost

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