Morooka, Japan

Morooka, Japan

Morooka Japan


March, 1958

Ryugasaki, Ibaraki, Japan


Morooka is a Japanese manufacturer of machinery based on rubber tracked carriers. Morooka, as a pioneer of manufacturing Rubber Crawler Products with HST hydraulic system, Morooka provide construction machines, forest machines, agriculture machines and environment machines to all over the world through our world-wide distributor network. “Quality and Reliability” is the most important management policy of the Morooka. Morooka is resolutely committed to providing safe, innovative products and services that best meet the needs and expectations of its customers around the world. Morooka shall comply with all laws and regulations, including those concerning environmental conservation and shall fulfill CSR with all our employees and cooperating companies.



In March 1958, the company was established as a construction company and later in November 1966 it was registered as a Morooka Industry Ltd. In the mid of 1971, the company changed its name from Morooka Industry Ltd. to Morooka Co.,Ltd. In August 1975, the company started the production of the of hydraulic trencher, bulldozer and off road carrier and in the same year sale of the product started. In the end of the year 1977, Morooka started the delivery of the crawler shovel and carrier to the base camp at the South Pole. Morooka developed the big size carrier with 500mm width in October 1978. In the same year, Morooka introduced the new model for ultra soft terrain named as the MST-500. In month May of 1986, Morooka started supplying the OEM versions to Komatsu. In the end of 1988, the company opened its new branch office in the Chūgoku region. Morooka introduced a big sized carrier, MST-2200 in May 1989.

In the year 1989, the company started supplying its OEM versions to the japanese company, Hitachi. Morooka sets a new production point in Hokkaido by opening a factory in Tomakomai. In September 1990, the company a new goal and started the production of the farm tractors, the sales of the tractors began in the same year. In the same year, in October, the company started the delivery of carrier to the Ministry of Defense. In April 1993, Morooka inaugurate the Kumamoto Factory in Kyushu. In April 200, the company introduced a wood crusher. In the early 2003, Morooka decided to establish a branch in the USA and the same year Morooka established the Morooka U.S.A. corporation, but the production was started in July 2012. In the year 2008, the company happily celebrated its 50th anniversary. In June 2011, Morooka got the emergency order for carriers from the Ministry of Defense.


Safety and Comfort

Safety and comfort for the operator translate into productivity on the jobsite, and Morooka carriers are designed with this fact in mind. All are equipped with a ROPS-certified canopy or cab and easy-to-operate controls. Climate-controlled cabs are standard on the larger models, and all feature a comfortable seat to fight operator fatigue.


Easy Maintenance

The full Morooka carrier line is designed with easy access to key service areas for ease of maintenance. This is accomplished by providing multiple access points for both the diesel engine and hydraulic components. Additionally, the simple design of the travel system contributes to overall durability as well as simplified maintenance. Parts and aftermarket support are also conveniently available from our various locations in the USA, from our parts company, Dominion Equipment Parts.



Hydrostatic Transmission

The hydrostatic transmission (HST) used in the Morooka carrier line accesses the engine’s full power more efficiently. The HST was chosen for Morooka carriers rather than a shifted gear transmission for its “stepless” change in speed ratio. Gear transmissions, whose working range is determined by torque and gearing, have a limited working speed range in challenging conditions.


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