Honda N-BOX

Honda N-BOX

Honda to Begin Sales of All-new N-BOX in Japan


Honda Motor Co. Ltd. will begin sales in Japan of the all-new N-BOX mini-vehicle. Under the concept of "for the happiness of families in Japan," Honda developed this all-new N-BOX with the goal of setting a new standard for family-type cars. While carrying forward key N-BOX features such as a spacious cabin and exterior design with a strong sense of presence, which has been well received by many customers, a platform and powertrain were newly-developed for this all-new N-BOX. The "N for Life Space" will tour seven major cities across Japan. Honda will strive to offer "enjoyable lives with N" through all of the N Series models.

Excellent driving performance, fuel economy and occupant comfort were realized by reducing vehicle weight by approximately 80 kg even after installing enhanced safety features and other outstanding functions such as the newly-adopted Super Slide front passenger seat. Moreover, the all-new N-BOX adopts the Honda SENSING suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies, including a newly-added function to prevent false backward starts. The all-new N-BOX became the first among all Honda mini-vehicles to feature Honda SENSING as standard equipment on all types.



Honda N-BOX & N-BOX Custom:

Starting with this all-new N-BOX, Honda will begin evolving the advertising campaign with a new tagline, "N for Life" which represents a message of "enjoyable lives with N (Honda N Series)." Moreover, Honda will evolve the "N for Life Space," a special exhibition event where visitors can see the all-new N-BOX and experience the concept of "N for Life."


Key features of the all-new N-BOX 

1. Highly-sophisticated and High-quality design:

While carrying forward the appealing features of the first-generation N-BOX such as a sense of vehicle class which goes beyond the expectation for mini-vehicles and spaciousness, sophistication and high quality were pursued in every detail such as the adoption of LED headlights for all types of standard equipment and the adoption of laser brazing technology to join the roof and body side panels. As for the interior, N-BOX features beige as the base colour to create a relaxing space as if occupants are spending time at a cafe. The N-BOX Custom features black as the base colour to express a high-quality and fascinating interior space.


2. Excellent driving performance, fuel economy and occupant comfort with a lightweight body:

In addition to the increased application of a high-efficiency floor frame and high-tensile steel plate, the adoption of a new joining technique enabled vehicle weight reduction and increased rigidity at the same time. As for the powertrain, for the first time among mini-vehicles, i-VTEC was adopted for a naturally-aspirated engine and an electric wastegate was applied to a turbo engine. Moreover, advancements were made in various areas including the enhanced performance of the CVT and suspension system and improved frontal visibility through the adoption of ultra thin front pillars. These advancements led to the realization of a driving experience that enables occupants to feel secure, excellent fuel economy and occupant comfort.


3. Safety: Featuring Honda SENSING as standard equipment for all types

The all-new N-BOX became the first mini-vehicle to adopt the Honda SENSING suite of advanced safety and driver-assistive technologies. Auto High Beam headlights and Honda’s first function to prevent false backward starts were newly added to the eight basic functions of Honda SENSING. Honda SENSING is standard equipment on all types of the all-new N-BOX.


Functions included in Honda SENSING for the all-new N-BOX:

  • Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS)
  • False Start Prevention
  • Pedestrian Collision Mitigation Steering System
  • Lead Car Departure Notification System
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Road Departure Mitigation (RDM) System
  • Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • False Backward Start Prevention
  • Auto High Beam headlights


4. Convenience: Featuring a spacious cabin and the Super Slide front passenger seat

A spacious cabin which had already been a popular feature of the N-BOX was further expanded by making the engine room more compact and the tailgate thinner. By lowering the height of the tailgate opening, loading and unloading of large items such as bicycles are made easier. As for the seat arrangement, in addition to a version with a conventional bench seat, a version equipped with the Super Slide- front passenger seat as well as the version equipped with an aluminium slope are available. The newly-adopted Super Slide- front passenger seat with the forward-backwards sliding range of 570 mm makes it easier for the occupant to move between the back seats and the driver’s seat and enables versatile seating arrangements in combination with the sliding rear seats which are now standard equipment on the all-new N-BOX.




5. Comfort and cabin quietness beyond its class

The all-new N-BOX further enhanced its advanced features which create a comfortable environment inside the vehicle, including the Aller Clean seat to which an antiviral treatment was applied in addition to its function to inactivate allergens (such as ticks and cedar pollens) which can cling to the surface of the seats. Moreover, the 360° super UV/IR cut package is applied to all windows/glasses to reduce the amount of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays that reach the cabin. Furthermore, cabin quietness was improved thoroughly by adopting a high-performance engine mount system which suppresses vibration and noise at their source and also by realizing optimal placement of soundproofing and insulating materials.



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