Denyo Co., Ltd. Japan

Denyo Co., Ltd. Japan

Denyo Co., Ltd. Japan


July 2, 1948

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan


The Denyo Co., Ltd. is Japan’s leading manufacturer and distributor of engine-driven generators, welders and air compressors. It was established in 1948. Its headquarter is situated in Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan. The key people of the  company are Shigeru Koga (Chairman) and Shoichi Shiratori (President).



1940s - 1970s :

In July 1948, Denyo established Japan Power Welding Machine Co., Ltd. In March 1959, it developed and manufactured high-speed engine-driven welders. In December 1961, it completed construction on Saitama plant and started to manufacture engine-driven generators. In February 1966, it developed sound-proof generators and started manufacture of sound-proof engine-driven generators and welders. In July 1966, Denyo changed its corporate name to Denyo Co., Ltd.


1970s - 2000s :

In April 1973, it started to produce engine-driven air compressors. In February 1983, Denyo was listed on Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In December 1992, it established U.S. subsidiary, Denyo America Corporation. In August 1995, it established joint venture, Denyo Manufacturing Corporation in U.S.A.


2000s - Present :

In March 2000, it was Listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In July 2009, Absorption-type merger of Denyo techno Service Co.,Ltd. and Denyo Trading Co.,Ltd. In May 2010, it established subsidiary, Denyo Vietnam Co.,Ltd. In February 2015, it began to manufacture engine-driven generators, with the completion of the second factory in Denyo Vietnam Co., Ltd.




Denyo products play an active role in many places where social infrastructure is built. Products such as our high-performance Generators with outstanding energy conservation features and our Welding Machines that boast advanced welding performance and superior mobility are used in situations where no power source is available, and are highly regarded by consumers around the world as power sources for building society.



  • Industrial
  • Rental
  • Portable
  • Caravan
  • Residence
  • Telecom
  • Ultra silence


Welding Machines

  • Diesel
  • Gasoline


Air Compressors

  • Box Type
  • Trailer Type
  • High Pressure Type
  • After Cooler Type
  • Dry Air Type


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