Sakai Heavy Industries Limited, Japan

Sakai Heavy Industries Limited, Japan

Sakai Heavy Industries, Ltd. Japan


May, 1918
Kinnosuke Sakai

Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan


Sakai Heavy Industries, Ltd. is a Japanese company. Its headquarter situated in Minato-ku Tokyo. The company was founded in, May, 1918 and was incorporated in May, 1949. The company was founded by Kinnosuke Sakai. The key people of the company Ichiro Sakai, is the President of the company. Sakai manufacture and sale of construction equipment and industrial machinery, and sale of out sourced industrial machinery.



1918s - 1950s :

In 1918, the company is founded by Kinnosuke Sakai with the aim of manufacturing and repairing parts for automobiles, internal combustion engines and steam locomotives. In 1929, With the expansion in scale of civil engineering works in Japan, the company begins manufacturing road rollers. It continued capital investment driven by increasing demand leads to a dramatic growth in business. In 1949, company is integrated to establish Sakai  Works Co.,Ltd.


1950s - 1980s :

In 1956, Sakai started manufacturing of vibrating rollers (SR1) and reclaimers (PM103) begins. In 1967, the company renamed Sakai Heavy Industries, Ltd. In 1968, Static three wheel roller developed with hydrostatic drive, equal drum size and equalline pressure (R1). In 1972, SAKAI ENGINEERING established (name changed to SAKAI CRANE CORP. in December 1980, and later to SAKAI KIKO in May 1995). In 1972, Sakai also manufactured Hydrostatic drive wheel mounted road planer (ER160). In 1976, SAKAI AMERICA, INC. established in Delaware, U.S.A.for the purpose of importing/exporting and selling construction equipment.


1980s - 2000s :

In 1981, Sakai listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. In 1983, Preheater (PH300) and repaver-remixer (RM1000) for on-site asphalt pavement recycling developed. In 1990, Sakai developed Vertical vibratory roller (SD450) (awarded the "Certificate of Construction Technology Developed in the Private Sector" by the former Ministry of Construction, now MLIT). In 1995, P.T. SAKAI INDONESIA established in Bekasi,  Indonesia for the purpose of manufacturing and selling light construction equipment and related parts.


2000s - Present :

In 2004, World's first vibratory pneumatic tired roller (GW750) was developed by Sakai. In 2009, World's first vibratory three wheel roller with mavibration mechanis (MW700) is registered on NETIS (system for promoting the use of new technologies in, e.g., public works) of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure,Transport and Tourism. In 2012, Vibratory single drum rollers (SV520/620) manufactured with the aim of cultivating the global market.




  • Soil Compactor
  • Asphalt Roller
  • Road Maintenance
  • Light Equipments


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