Seychelles Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Seychelles Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Seychelles


Year Restrictions
Max. 3 Years Old
Destination Port
Port of Victoria
Time of Shipment
28-39 Days (Container)
Vessel Schedule
Monthly (Container)
Shipping Line


Shipping Ports

The major shipping ports in Seychelles are Port Victoria, Port of Mahe. Importation of used vehicle by returning residents/students is allowed in the country.


Right Hand Drive

Importation of Right-hand drive vehicles is permitted in the country. 


Age Restrictions

Vehicles more than 3 years old are not allowed to be import in the country.


Importing a Used Vehicle

Used Vehicle Policy under the Ministry of Finance should be followed by returning residents importing a used vehicle

  • The motor vehicle must be for passenger use only

  • Only one vehicle is permitted per person

  • A returning resident once granted an import permit will not be allowed to import another second-hand motor vehicle or motorcycle should he/she decide to move overseas again.

  • The imported motor vehicle (including a motorcycle) must be for passenger use only and must falls under the HS code 8703 or HS code 8711. The vehicle must not be older than 3 years old by the time it lands in Seychelles and must be a right hand drive. 

  • The vehicle must enter the country within 6 months of the returning graduate/resident taking residency in Seychelles.

  • The returning resident/graduate is not allowed to sell or transfer the vehicle for the period of two years following the registration of the vehicle with the Seychelles License Authority (SLA).


All motor vehicles imported require an import permit. Restrictions on importation of vehicles are under those categories

  • Vehicle and Chassis bodies (e.g. forklift, trucks, cranes, and derricks)
  • Spark-ignition piston engine of kind used for the propulsion of vehicle e.g. bulldozers, graders, excavators, scrapers and shovels
  • Compression piston engine (diesel or semi diesel engine) of kind used for propulsion of vehicle e.g. Chassis fitted with engine
  • Bodies (including cabs, for motor vehicles) e.g. nose cuts, front cuts, and rear cuts


The documents needed for clearance of used vehicle

  • Bill of entry (in duplicate)

  • Invoice/Receipts

  • Packing List/ List of goods in cargo

  • Copy of passport of most recent entry in Seychelles

  • Copy of passport of exit of 12 months or more from Seychelles

  • Import permit

  • Letter from the organization to certify that the student/graduate was sent for studies or in cases whereby the student/graduate went to study at their own expenses, they must provide document(s) proving their attended institution of study. (If applicable) i)

  • Prove of ownership of the vehicle.

  • Copy of driving license


Returning Resident

Only returning residents or graduates (of 18 years and above) can import used vehicle. It is important to note however that a returning resident or graduate is allowed to import a used vehicle only once. If he/she decides to move overseas again or goes for another course/training he/she will not be allowed to import another second-hand motor vehicle or motorcycle. 

A returning resident is a Seychelles citizen who has been absent from Seychelles for a continuous period of not less than 2 years and is returning to Seychelles to take up permanent residence. A returning graduate is a citizen of Seychelles who has been studying abroad at an educational institution recognized by the Ministry responsible for Education, for a minimum period of not less than 9 months. 

The returning resident/graduate must ensure that the importation of the used vehicle arrived in the country not more than 6 months after the first day of the returning resident/ graduate arrival.


Duties and Taxes

Returning residents are allowed to import used vehicle in the country. However, no concession is given on taxes on vehicles imported. All applicable trades tax, excise tax, GST and levy are payable.


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