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Caribbean Used Car Market magazine

JapaneseCarTrade.com is back again with its monthly digital automobile magazine. The topic of this month’s magazine is 'Caribbean used car market', which gives detail description of used car market segment of various countries in the region. From Jamaica in the west to Guyana in the south, people are abandoning showroom cars for reliable and affordable Japanese used vehicles. So, with this magazine we have highlighted on the used car market of Caribbean countries along with the import regulations in these regions.
With the advancement in technology, it has become quite easy for a buyer to import a vehicle from Japan to any part of the world. There are many used vehicle online portals where used vehicle exporters showcase their vehicles that help buyers to purchase a vehicle from dealers directly. This in turn saves time of a buyer as one can see all vehicles offered from various exporters on one site.

Celebrities and their Admirable Cars magazine

JapaneseCarTrade.com is elated to introduce its monthly digital magazine on world’s eminent personalities and cars owned by them. This month, the topic of our magazine is “Celebrities and their Admirable Cars”, which bring out the famous personalities from different fields who drive expensive cars in the world today. From Narendra Modi to Beyoncé Knowles to Sachin Tendulkar to Larry Ellison, there is one thing common between them. They all drive in best available cars that feature high quality premium luxury interiors and comprise powerful engines.
Business personalities are the one that comes instantly in one’s mind when we talk about money, luxuriance. They are billionaires who live a life of comfort and have an access to almost everything available in the world. For them luxury is just a way of life and they show it in every aspect of their lifestyle and one such aspect is their cars.

Classification of cars on the basis of body type magazine

This month again, JapaneseCarTrade.com is back with its monthly digital automobile magazine. The topic of this month’s magazine is ‘Classification of cars on the basis of their body type’, which gives detail description of how cars are classified on the basis of their body types. Everybody knows that there exists SUVs, crossovers, sedans, hatchbacks, but when it comes to defining them or differentiating them with other body type, then people generally have hard time.
Henry Ford introduced Tesla Model T that changed the people’s way to live, work and travel. It transformed the automobile from luxury into a necessity. Over the years, vehicles have undergone a series of changes to build a practically operative one. If one wants an economical vehicle, then hatchbacks are the option, for a family vehicle one can go with a sedan. There are other options also such as convertible, SUV, crossover, coupe, wagon, sports car.

Europe and Russia used car market magazine

One of the finest things one might notice about Japan is that their vehicles are pristine and high of quality. The country is known for ages for manufacturing outstanding and excellent vehicles and same is the case when it comes to second-hand vehicles. The world is aware of the fact that used vehicles from Japan are safe and reliable, even though they are used. The market demand of Japanese used vehicles in comparison to other developed nations is very high.
There are thousands of exporting countries in Japan that export large quantity of vehicles every month to numerous countries across the world. Used Japanese vehicles are favored for their flawless and superb conditions this is because Japanese take good care of their vehicles. As a matter of fact, these vehicles are dependable, affordable and normally in very fine condition. The popularity of Japanese used vehicles has reached almost every part of the world.

Japan Automobile Industry Magazine

Japanese automobile industry is one of the well-known and largest industries in the world. Japanese automakers always focus on product enhancement, technological innovation, and safety improvement. With every model launched by Japanese makers, they have proved that anything is possible. Japanese makers try their best to make a place in the heart of buyers by offering the most comfortable and efficient vehicles.
Time and again, with various test, Japanese makers have proven that they are better than other makers across the world. To make people more aware regarding the Japanese automakers, the section of the magazine includes information regarding various Japanese automobile manufacturers.

Japanese v/s American v/s European Automobile Industry magazine

JapaneseCarTrade.com brings upon its monthly digital magazine on automobile industry of top three regions, i.e. Japanese, European and American. There are many automobile regions in the world, but out of all, these three always stand out. They are known for contributing the most in the growth and development of automobile sector.
Japan started with introducing small cars and with improvement in every vehicle it eventually became one of the top automobile industries in the world. Japanese automakers have a solid track record of building reliable and efficient vehicles for decades.

Oceania used car market magazine

The Oceania region is mostly made up of small Islands within the central and South Pacific Ocean. The region consists of countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Samoa. The population of this region is increasing, the same way, the demand for vehicles is on the rise. Due to economical condition most people cannot buy a new car. So, they prefer to buy used cars, mainly from Japan.
In Japan, older the car gets it became expensive to register it. The road regulations on vehicles in Japan are quite strict due to inspection ‘Shaken‘ that is done when a car turns 3 years old, then every 2 years until the car turns 11, afterward every year. The cost of maintenance is also very high. Hence, it becomes difficult for people to keep vehicles and they are generally sold out.



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