Avoid Fraud & Scam

Avoid Fraud & Scam

Avoid Fraud & Scam


Common Scams on Used Cars

The Japan automobile industry is popular for delivery new as well as used vehicles. Large numbers of used vehicles from Japan are exported to many countries within a year only. Japanese vehicles dominate the automobile market by offering the most consistent and convenient cars at reasonable prices.

How to avoid buying a Lemon car from Japan?

Lemon car is a defective car that is found to have severe defects not apparent before its purchase. Any vehicle with these issues can be termed a ‘lemon,’ used vehicles may also have been abused, improperly maintained or poorly repaired, been unprofessionally rebuilt after a collision or tampered with in some manner to conceal high mileage, mechanical defects, corrosion or other damage.

How to avoid fraud while import used cars from Japan?

Japanese vehicles industry is one of the biggest industries in the world because of their high quality, performance and reliability, Japanese new & used vehicles are in great demand all over the world. Even Japanese used vehicle are very popular in the World.

How to protect against used car fraud?

There are many used vehicle exporters in Japan that offer high quality used vehicles. Many of them are in this business from past many years. Japanese used car exporters are known for their honesty and reliability, but there are few dealers that con buyers in order to earn more money. Used car frauds occur when a dealer uses unfair means to sell a used vehicle.

How to secure payment while importing the used cars from Japan?

Payment security is the basic need while importing used cars from Japan to anywhere across the globe. The buyer needs to be well aware and fully informed about the dealer before making any payment transaction.

What if you’re a victim of fraud?

It’s been a dream of almost every person at one point or another of their life to purchase a vehicle. Each one has his own taste, but generally one desires to buy the most expensive, stylish, and popular brand car. Due to increase in income of people, presence of many online portal sites, it is quite easy to import a vehicle to almost every country in the world.

What is internet fraud and how to avoid?

While importing a used vehicle, payment security is the basic thing for a buyer. It serves as the base of developing trust and worthiness among importers internationally. The importer needs to be well aware and fully informed about the dealer before making any payment transaction in order to avoid frauds and scams. With the increase in the business of used vehicles among people, scams have increased to too.

What is Lemon Law?

The Law provides solution to car buyers, whose cars turn out to be lemon. The Law also states what should be done by the manufacturer if the car qualifies as a lemon. According to the Law, a written warranty must be given to the buyer by the maker and because of the warranty a free of cost repairing should be done on the vehicle by the manufacturer.



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