Iseki & Co., Ltd. Japan

Iseki & Co., Ltd. Japan

Iseki & Co., Ltd. Japan



Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan


Iseki & Co., Ltd. is a Japanese based manufactures. Iseki manufactures a variety of machinery, components, and engines. It was founded in 1926 as Iseki Farm Implement Trading Co. in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan. It was incorporated in 1936 as Iseki & Co. Ltd. Its headquarter is situated at  Arakawa, Tokyo, Japan.

Iseki started manufacturing tractors in 1961. Its tractors have been sold worldwide under various brands: AGCO, Bolens, Challenger, Massey Ferguson and White. Early Tong Yang or TYM tractors were based on Iseki's designs. Some models sold in Japan have been manufactured by Landini of Italy and by Massey Ferguson in France. Iseki have changed the method grass clippings are collected on their garden tractors. Unlike most machines where the grass is forced up over the transmission and other elements, the Iseki tractor has a system where the transmission is passed to the wheels by a series of chains, much like a rice paddy tractor.




It was founded in 1926 as “Iseki Farm Implement Trading Co.” in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan. It was incorporated in 1936 as Iseki & Co., Ltd. In March 1967, It began manufacture of Rice-transplanters, Combine Harvesters and Binders and accomplished mechanized integrated system for rice cultivation using those and tractors.


In May 1993, It shifted Tokyo Headquarters to Nishi-Nippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo. In April 2001, It divided Matsuyama and Kumamoto plant and established Iseki-Kumamoto Mfg. and Iseki-Matsuyama Mfg. co., Ltd. as affiliated companies. In May 2014, It incorporated Iseki-Changzhou.Mfg.Co.,Ltd with Dongfeng Iseki Agricultral machinery(Hubei) Co.,Ltd and established Dongfeng Iseki Agricultral machinery(Hubei) Co.,Ltd.




  • TJW Series[117PS]
  • TJA Series
  • TJV Series [95PS]
  • TG Series [32‐50PS]
  • AT Series [32‐52PS]
  • TLE Series [39PS]
  • TH Series [29‐36PS]
  • TM Series [16‐25PS]
  • TXG Series [23PS]
  • RMI Website(EU only)


Zero‐Turn Mower

  • SZ330 Series [32PS]


Front Mower

  • SF450 Series
  • SF300 Series [30‐36PS]
  • SFH Series [22PS]


Riding Mower

  • SXG Series [19‐22PS]
  • SXG 216 Series[15PS]



  • SA Series
  • KMC Series


Rice Transplanter

  • PZ Series
  • PC Series


Combine Harvester

  • HJ Series



Corporate Philosophy

Since its foundation in 1926, Iseki has contributed to the modernization of Japan's agricultural industry as a full-line manufacturer specializing in farming machinery. Iseki will continue to operate under our basic business philosophy to deliver products that satisfy consumer requirement so that we can contribute to agriculture both in Japan and all over the world.


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