Daihatsu Mira e:S

Daihatsu Mira e:S

Daihatsu Announces a Complete Redesign of the Mira e:S Mini Passenger Car


Daihatsu Motor Co. Ltd., Daihatsu will launch the new Mira e:S mini passenger vehicle, which has been fully redesigned for the first time in six years, nationwide on May 9. The development of the original Mira e:S was influenced by growing societal awareness of environmental issues. The vehicle re-evaluated the significance of mini vehicles and achieved what was at that time the world’s leading fuel efficiency for a gasoline-engine vehicle of 30.0 km/L. The Mira e:S was launched in September 2011 as the "third eco-friendly car", and with its exceptional fuel efficiency, affordable pricing and conservation of natural resources, it was a car that established a new mini vehicle genre. 


The fully redesigned Mira e:S is primarily targeted at women, senior citizens and customers living in non-urban areas and aims to be a mobility partner that supports their daily lives. It fulfils the two essential elements of mini vehicles, with outstanding fuel efficiency at an affordable price, and also provides the added appeal of safety, which has been requested by a majority of consumers. The vehicle features an improved basic performance, which is directly connected to safe driving and has also been equipped with the collision avoidance system Smart Assist III for the first time in the model. 



Exterior Design: 

The new Mira e:S is the first vehicle to establish the origin of the Daihatsu New Global Architecture (DNGA), a unique business structure that offers a user-oriented approach to car production. DNGA is an approach to creating small cars that pursue fuel efficiency, affordable pricing and safety and that places great importance on how a car looks, feels and drives. It aims to create mini vehicles that become an essential part of customers’ daily lives and that can be driven with ease by anybody, at any time. The front view of the Mira e:S provides a feeling of safety with its extended nose and a bumper shape that demonstrates solidity and presence as it reaches down from the doors. The wide bumpers that extend from the front of the car to the sides resemble aerodynamic skirts, highlighting the vehicle’s width and low center of gravity.

The distinctive side windows and pillars are tilted for improved aerodynamics and contribute to an excellent field of vision. The horizontal beltline and solid door cross-sections stretch across the vehicle for an expansive, intelligent, and dignified side appearance. The black garnish on both sides of the hatch door glass improves aerodynamics and emphasizes the width of the vehicle. The lines of the bumper corners and the lower-end moulds underscore the vehicle's stability. Elaborate adjustments have been made to the design, such as reducing the difference in height between the hood and fenders and using straight character lines on the sides of the vehicle. This gives the overall vehicle a sense of superb quality. 



Interior Design:

A distinctive instrument panel features horizontal tones that extend to left and right. With its refreshing shape, the simple, effective interior provides a liberating sense of space, while the black tones of the design create a chic, modern atmosphere. With their high-contrast blacks and light greys, the seats boast a modern styling. The primary fabric is soft to the touch and decorated with three-dimensional patterns in a high-quality, luxurious design. The Mira e:S is equipped with newly developed LED headlamps that create a smart, powerful, and sharp impression. The optimal positioning of the reflectors increases the brightness of the lamps and enhances the outstanding vehicle design. 

The rear combination lamps (LED stop lamps) have four LEDs arranged in a single line for a sharp and cutting-edge design. A new Sky Blue Metallic color has been developed in order to emphasize the distinctive solidity of the new Mira e:S. The Mira e:S is available in a total of nine individuals, powerful and fresh color schemes, including a number of metallic tones. Each grade of the model comes with powerful, sharp and elaborate lightweight wheels.  



Main characteristics of the new Mira e:S:

1. Fuel efficiency of 35.2 km/L achieved by reducing vehicle weight

2. Basic safety performance and equipment (Smart Assist III, etc.)

3. A powerful and innovative design

4. Comfortable equipment that makes the vehicle a perfect fit for everyday lives 


Source: https://www.daihatsu.com/news/2017/20170509-4.pdf

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