Maybach Motorenbau, Germany

Maybach Motorenbau, Germany

Maybach Germany


Wilhelm Maybach

Stuttgart, Germany


Maybach Motorenbau is a German automobile manufacturer company Ltd, established in 1909 by “Wilhelm Maybach” and his son, originally a subsidiary of Luftschiffbau Zeppelin GmbH and was itself known as Luftfahrzeug-Motorenbau GmbH until 1912. The company headquartered is located in Stuttgart, Germany; the company mainly produces luxury vehicles.

In 1960, Maybach was acquired by Daimler-Benz. The brand returned as a standalone ultra-luxury car brand in the late 20th century, sharing significant components with Mercedes-Benz. After slow sales, the Maybach name returned once again as a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz, which is owned by Daimler AG. Daimler currently produces an ultra-luxury edition of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class under the Mercedes-Maybach brand.



1909s – 1940s :

Wilhelm Maybach was technical director of the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft (DMG) until he left in 1907. He established the new company on 23 March, 1909, Luftfahrzeug-Motorenbau GmbH (literally "Aircraft Engine Building Company"), with his son Karl Maybach as director. They changed its name to Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH ("Maybach Engine Construction Company") since 1912. Initially, the company created and produced diesel and petrol engines for Zeppelins, and then rail cars. Its Maybach Mb. Iva was used in aircraft and airships during I World War.

The company first manufactured a new car since 1919, introduced as a production model two years later at the Berlin Motor Show.


1940s – 1945s :

During the Second World War, Maybach created the engines for Nazi Germany's medium and heavy tanks, as well as the light tank, “Panzer II”. The engine plant was one of many industries targeted at Friedrichshafen.

The factory performed some repair work After WW II, but automotive production was never restarted, and after 20 years later, the company was renamed MTU Friedrichshafen. Daimler-Benz buys the company in 1960. The corporation was largely used to make special versions of Mercedes cars in the W108 and W116 model range after 1960s, which were almost hand built. These cars however took the Mercedes badge and serial numbers.


1960s :

The Rolls-Royce Power Systems AG based in Friedrichshafen used to manufacture the commercial Maybach diesel engines under the MTU brand through its subsidiary MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH.


1997s - 2013s :

In 1997, Daimler presented a luxury concept car in the Tokyo Motor show. A production model based on it was available in two sizes-the Maybach 57 and the Maybach 62, it indicating the lengths of the automobiles in decimeters. The 57S was added since 2005, and it powered by a 6.0 L V12 bi-turbo engine producing 450 kW (603 hp) and 1,000 N·m (738 lb·ft) of torque, and featuring various cosmetic touches.

To promote the new Maybach line, Mercedes-Benz engaged figures such as Maybach assign Ulrich Schmid-Maybach and golfer Nick Faldo, to retard as brand ambassadors. At first the Daimlerchrysler was forecasting the annual sales of 2,000 globally, with 50 per cent coming from the United States. Mercedes bought back 29 US dealers since 2007, reducing the total from 71 to 42. In 2010, only 157 Maybach were sold at international level, compared to 2,711 similarly priced Rolls-Royces. Just 3,000 have been sold worldwide since the brand was revived in 2002.


2015s – present


The company introduced the line would be changed by the next-generation of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Model W222, due for the 2014 model year, especially the long wheelbase S-Class Pullman.



The Daimler confirmed the rebirth of the Maybach brand as an Exclusive-Luxury sub brand of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class (W222) in November 2014, positioned in luxury akin to the Mercedes AMG sports brand. In anticipation of its April 2015 launch, the flagship Mercedes-Maybach S600 was appeared at car shows in Los Angeles, United States and Guangzhou, China.

The Mercedes-Maybach is available as S500 (S550 in the US) and S600 models, with 4matic all-wheel-drive optional with the V8 engine. The acceleration is 0 to 60 miles per hour (0 to 97 km/h) in 5.0 seconds. The base car has many colour finish options and the choice between a three-seat rear bench, or two seats reclining. Additional options included the air-conditioned system, heated and massaging seats, heated armrests, system to pump aromatic, ionized air around the cabin, and a 1540 watt Burmester 3D Enlace sound system with 24 speakers. Maybach S500 assembly plant in Pune, India, started in September 2015, making India the second country to manufacturer a Maybach etc.


Concept Cars

The first Mercedes-Maybach concept car is the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, with a large 2-door coupe with fully electric drivetrain. The model was presented in the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance since 2016.




Options for the Maybach 62 and 62S included 18-way power rear seats (replacing 14-way), power side and rear sunshade curtains, cooled rear seats, wireless headphones, electro chromic panoramic sunroof with solar panel for vehicle-off ventilation (replacing two choices of power sunroof) and interior divider with power, electro chromic glass divider.


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