Jagath Ramanayake

Jagath Ramanayake

Jagath Ramanayake


In the automobile corporate business a name always remember in the history, a Sri Lankan businessman, “Jagath Ramayanke”, this leading person was born in 1963, Colombo, Sri Lanka. His father name is Mr. KPW Ramanayake and his mother is Mrs. Nanda Ramanayake. There are three siblings in Jagath family, the older sister Dr. Asoka and two younger sisters Dr. Enoka Wagaarachchi and Dharshika. He is the only son of his father. His father is a businessman   and his mother was a curriculum developer.

In 1977, Jagath’s parents were the pioneering Japanese car exporters in Sri Lanka just after economical revolution begun in SL. After that, they spread out their business interests in SL as well as internationally. Jagath was married with Miss Samantha Subasinghe in 1996, and she was solicitor from her profession. Jagath and Samantha have four children. Now, Samantha works as a director for the RAMADBK in its sales division. Jagath is an enthusiastic sportsman.



  • Educational Qualification

Jagath high educational carrier starts from Nalanda College, Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has done his tertiary education from Japan, where he studied B.sc in business from Yokohama “Kanto Gakuin University. After that he completed his Masters in MBA since 1990 from Tokyo University of information science. His study was for research thesis on transferability of Japanese Management to Asia.


  • Sportsperson

He led the Rugby sports team as a captain acap 1st XV-Nalanda College (1985) and “A-Division Rugby -Peterson Club” (1987-1988). He is team coach for “ALHI FOOTBALL CLUB”-Yokohama (2005 to date).


  • Jagath’s Career and Designation


  • President:

Sri Lanka Automobile Exporters Association in Japan (SLAEAJ) (Recognized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan, A self motivated, non-profit making social Organization that is functioning while interacting with the Embassy of Sri Lankan in Japan and the Sri Lanka Government authorities ) since 2012 (http://www.slaeaj.com/)


  • Vice Chairman:

(SUB)-(JUMVEA) Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exports Association (http://www.jumvea.or.jp) – The Official and the Japanese government recognized renowned body-since 2002 to 2011.


  • Director:

JUMVEA Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exports Association-The Official and the Japanese government recognized person from 2002 to 2011.


  • President:

Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan (SLBCJ)-Recognized by the Sri Lankan Embassy in Japan as an institution to promote Business between two countries Japan and Sri Lanka, from 2007 to 2012 (http://www.slbcj.com/).


  • Vice President:

USS Japan Foreign vehicle Exporters Association (Chief Organizer of “Vehicle Exporters Association” of USS AUTO AUCTION the biggest vehicle auction) from 2000 to 2003.


  • Vice President:

Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan (SLBCJ) 2003 to 2007.


  • Director:

““Lanka-Ji” Temple Chiba & Director of the Board of Trustees.


  • Chief Advisor:

Hajioji Temple SoshanJi International Buddhist Centre, Kanagawa-ken, Yokohama


  • Chief Advisor:

The Sri Lanka Students Association in Japan (The recognized body by the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan).


President of Rama Group Ltd: Yokohama, Japan
Rama DBK LTD: Japanese Motor Vehicle Exports




Rama Online Auction System
Rama Ten Online Shop



Director: Ramanayake Automobiles (PVT) Ltd. Sri Lanka
Director: Vision International School (Kandy, Sri Lanka)


Director: Tokyo Bayside Language School.-Chiba-Japan
Managing Director: Tokyo Bayside Lanka Language School -Sri Lanka.



  • Philanthropy

Jagath is also known as Philanthropist, he works as social worker, there are some social activities held by Jagath they are as-

  • He donated 4-Ambulances to Sri Lankan hospitals and for the Sri Lankan Army.
  • A well-equipped special bus donated for Disabled soldiers at “Ranaviru Sewana”, Ragama
  • He donated Buses for Nalanda College, Colombo & St. Paul’s Milagiriya Girls School.
  • Donated a mobile medical unit with X-ray and equipment to the Ministry of Lands and Land development
  • Diesel & gasoline engines and vehicle parts donated to the Vocational Training Centre, under the Ministry of Vocational Training
  • Sponsor of “Team Sri Lanka-Motor Team” that participated at the world-renowned Bathurst 24hr motor race in Australia.
  • He helped for Sri Lankan students to get accustomed to Japan, and give advice and financial support when needed.
  • In 2007, a well-equipped special bus donated for disabled soldiers during the Sri Lankan President’s Japan Visit.
  • It is one of the main sponsors for all national events & festivals organized by the Sri Lankan embassy in Tokyo, Japan in 1988.


  • Awards

Jagath Ramanayake receives decoration award from Nalanda College in Colombo, and he got awarded from the hands of the principal of the College, Mr. Ranjith Jayasundara. He received one of the most legendary awards in the country for his social services to Sri Lanka and its community, this award is called “Vishwa Keerthi Deshabandu”.



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