Sweden Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Sweden Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Sweden


Year Restrictions
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
36-46 Days (RoRo)
Vessel Schedule
Less than Bi-Monthly (RoRo)
Shipping Line
Sweden Transport & Logistic Shipping AB


Shipping Ports

Port of Gothenburg, Port of Stockholm, Port of Sodertalje, Port of Malmo and Port of Helsingborg are the Ports of the Country.


Duties & Taxes

The import duty rate for importing Car into Sweden is 10% , the import VAT is 22%



Documents Required

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Sales Invoice/Bill of Sale or Other Sales Paperwork. The paperwork must show when the vehicle was purchased, where it was purchased and what the total sales price was.

  • Proof of Insurance. (You will need to obtain a Swedish insurance policy to drive legally)

  • Customs Form for the Vehicle

  • Original Vehicle Title

  • Passport with Recent Photo

  • Original Vehicle Registration


Basic requirements for vehicle importation

  • The vehicle can only be used for personal use and you must sign a declaration stating it will not be used for business.

  • You must own the car for at least one year before importing it.

  • Only one personal car may be imported every three years.

  • To import your personal car, you must have plans to live in Sweden permanently and must have prior authorization from immigration to remain past the three months allowable for a tourist.

  • You must agree to not sell the car within one year of arrival.


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