Poland Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Poland Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Poland


Year Restrictions
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
33-40 Days
Vessel Schedule
Weekly (Container)
Shipping Line
Euroafrica Shipping Lines
No Inspection Required


Shipping Ports

Port of Gdynia and Port of Gdańsk are the ports of the Country.



A passenger car must undergo a roadworthiness test no later than 3 years after it was first registered, then no later than 5 years after it was first registered and no later than 2 years after the first roadworthiness test, and then no later than 1 year after the previous roadworthiness test. In other words, it must be tested within 3 years, then within the next 2 years, and then once a year from then on.


Left Hand Drive

Left Hand Vehicles are used in the country and Left-Hand Drives are allowed to import in the country.


Documents Required

  • Original car documents to prove ownership

  • Original registration documents - it must be registered in the current owner’s name

  • Insurance of the vehicle

  • Purchase Invoice


Duties & Taxes

If the car is older than 6 months and has over 6,000 km on the clock, the excise tax is paid in Poland. However, cars must pay an excise tax dependant on the age and size of vehicle and engine, and 22% VAT. 


Registration of a Imported Vehicle

You can register your vehicle at the district authority (starostwo powiatowe) or town council (urząd miasta) in the town where you are living or staying.

To register an imported vehicle you should submit the following key documents:

  • Proof of registration, if the vehicle has been registered

  • Certificate that the vehicle has passed a roadworthiness test

  • For passenger cars or motor vehicles classed as 'other' (quad bikes and light quad bikes), a document certifying payment of excise duty in Poland

  • Proof of the customs clearance if the vehicle


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