Namibia Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Namibia Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Namibia


Year Restrictions
Max. 8 Years Old
Destination Port
Durban, Walvis Bay
Time of Shipment
29-36 Days (Container)
Vessel Schedule
Weekly (Container)
Shipping Line
Manica Group Namibia (Pty) Ltd.
No Inspection Required


Age Restriction:

According to new rules, the age limit on imported second-hand vehicles has now been raised to 8 years.


Shipping Port:

Durban and Walvis Bay are the main port from Japan to Namibia.


Right-hand drive:

The importation of Right-hand drive vehicle is allowed in Namibia. The exception is made only for diplomats by Namibian custom authorities.


Documents Required:

  • Import permit

  • Passport

  • Invoice

  • Registration papers

  • Original Bill of Lading (BOL). The BOL should determine the Chassis, brand, model and year of manufacturing of the vehicle.


Taxes on imported vehicles:

Import Tax VAT Duties
10% 14% 0-85%





Import Regulations:

  • Imported vehicles may only be sold or disposed in Namibia only after 24 months from the date of importation.

  • Duty free importation of only one motor vehicle per family is allowed if owned and used at least 1 year prior to shipment.

  • The used car exporter should have been the owner of a vehicle for 12 months or more before importing the vehicle to Namibia, otherwise duties and taxes will be applicable.

  • VAT is always payable. If a new immigrant, the buyer must be in possession of a permanent resident's permit, when stopped for customs examination. It is advisable not ship the vehicle until the buyer is in possession of an import permit.

  • Diplomats are exempted from the payment of duties and taxes.

  • Vehicles are not allowed into Namibia on a work permit. A residence permit is required.

  • Temporary residents have to pay a provisional payment covering full duties to be lodged with Namibian Customs which is refunded when the vehicle leaves Namibia within one year of its importation. For temporary residents, the Import Permit is not applicable if the vehicle is re-exported within 1 year.


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