Czech Republic Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Czech Republic Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Czech Republic


Year Restrictions
Less than 5 years old
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
35-45 Days
Vessel Schedule
Shipping Line
ZIM Integrated Shipping Services Ltd.


Shipping Ports:

Port of Prague and Port of Usti nad Labem are the ports of the country.


Age Restriction:

Less than 5 or 8 years old, depending on the type of the car.


Left Hand Drive:

Left Hand Drive Vehicles are allowed in the Country.



Document Required:-

  • Commercial invoice

  • Shipper's export declaration (SED) for items requiring an export license

  • Declaration of conformity (issued by importer).

  • Vehicle registration certificates issued by another Member State

  • Proof of insurance

  • Proof of VAT payment (if vehicle is no more than 6 months old or has not been driven less than 6000 km)

  • Residence permit/ proof of asylum in the Czech Republic/proof of the length of your stay

  • Documentation containing information for technical certificate release.


Top Selling Used Vehicles in Czech Republic


Duties & Taxes:

On cars imported from outside the EU 10% customs duty and 19% VAT needs to be paid.




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