Iraq Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Iraq Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Iraq


Year Restrictions
Max. 2 Years Old
Destination Port
Umm Qasr
Time of Shipment
29-34 Days (Container)
Vessel Schedule
Weekly (Container)
Shipping Line


Shipping Ports

Port Umm Qasr is the main port of the country.


Left Hand Drive

Left Hand Drive vehicles are allowed to be import in the country.


Age Restriction

Non-armored vehicles must be less than 2 years old for import.



Duties & Taxes

While importing a vehicle in Iraq, importer is required to pay duties and taxes.

  • The payment of 8-10percent duties and taxes is applicable if no diplomatic protocol is received from the shipper’s Embassy.

  • The amount of duties and taxes are calculated based on the declared Customs value indicated on the Pro-forma Invoice.

The major shipping ports in Iraq are Port of Basrah, Port of Khor Al Zubair, and Port of Umm Qasr. Generally RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) shipping method is used for vehicle shipment. However on request of customers, more expensive yet safe way container shipment method is used. 


Documents Required

  • Copy of Passport

  • Certificate of Title

  • Pro-forma Invoice

In case of vehicle import for a company, approval from Ministry of Interior as well as from regional customs office will be required.


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