Iraq Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Iraq Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Iraq


Year Restrictions
Max. 2 Years Old
Destination Port
Umm Qasr
Time of Shipment
29-34 Days (Container)
Vessel Schedule
Weekly (Container)
Shipping Line


Shipping Ports:

Port Umm Qasr is the main port of the country.


Left Hand Drive:

Left Hand Drive vehicles are allowed to be import in the country.


Age Restriction:

Non-armored vehicles must be less than 2 years old for import.



Duties & Taxes:

While importing a vehicle in Iraq, importer is required to pay duties and taxes.

  • The payment of 8-10percent duties and taxes is applicable if no diplomatic protocol is received from the shipper’s Embassy.

  • The amount of duties and taxes are calculated based on the declared Customs value indicated on the Pro-forma Invoice.

The major shipping ports in Iraq are Port of Basrah, Port of Khor Al Zubair, and Port of Umm Qasr. Generally RoRo (Roll-on Roll-off) shipping method is used for vehicle shipment. However on request of customers, more expensive yet safe way container shipment method is used. 


Documents Required:

  • Copy of Passport

  • Certificate of Title

  • Pro-forma Invoice

In case of vehicle import for a company, approval from Ministry of Interior as well as from regional customs office will be required.


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