Myanmar Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Myanmar Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Myanmar


Year Restrictions
Max. 5 Years Old
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
13-22 Days (Container)
Vessel Schedule
Weekly (Container)
Shipping Line
S.R Shipping (Myanmar) Co.,Ltd
No Inspection Required


Shipping Ports

Port of Yangon is the principal port of the country.

Age Restrictions

In 2018, Vehicles manufactured in 2015 or onwards are only eligible for import.


There is no specific inspection carried out on used vehicles imported in Myanmar.


Importation of Vehicle

The owner can import their used vehicles to Myanmar during his/her assignment here with diplomatic status. Before shipment arrival, the /UN Office/Embassy has to apply the MoFA customs clearance certificate with B/L, car's invoice for duty-free entry. It takes nearly 3-5 weeks from MoFA Office at Nay Pyi Taw. 

We have secondary chance to customs clear the vehicle with special order formalities to avoid port storage and demurrage. The supporting documents can be supply to local office for necessary preparation.

Our estimation time of customs clearance and delivery with S/O formality took nearly 7 days or more upon arrival of the container at Yangon Port. With MoFA Certificate, it takes around 7 days only.


Shipment of Cars

Vehicles that are shipped to Myanmar are shipped to Maritime Port of Yangon.

There are two ways of shipping of used vehicles; container shipping and Roll on Roll off (RORO).


Documents Required

  • Import License

  • Title & Registration Certificate

  • Other Required Documents as Directed by Customs Authorities


Import Taxes Rates

Engine Size(cc) Custom Duty Commercial Tax Road Test Registration
0-1350 30% 25% 50%
1350-2000 40% 25% 80%
2000-5000 40% 25% 100%
5000 and above 40% 25% 120%

 Note: All the above mentioned rates are applicable on the CIF Value.


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