Winnebago Industries USA

Winnebago Industries USA

Winnebago Industries USA


February 12, 1958
John K. Hanson

Forest City, Iowa, USA


Winnebago is an American automotive Motor vehicle company in United States established in 12 February, 1958. Its headquartered located in Forest City, Iowa, USA. The company key people is the CEO of the company “Michael Happe”, Company revenue in 2014 was $945.2 million, Net income was $45.0 million since 2014.



In February 1958 the company was organized by Forest City businessman John K. Hanson, and in 1960 the company changes its name to Winnebago Industries. To increase quality, Winnebago Industries produced furniture and other elements designed exclusively for its travel promos. In 1966 the first motor home rolled off the Winnebago Industries congregation lines.

From 1970s and 1980s model names were changed by the Native American tribe of the same name and included the Brave, the Indian, the Chieftain, and the Warrior. Older Winnebago RVs are often identifiable by the highlighted "w" (also called the "flying W") on the side of the vehicle. The company issued a new model in 1973, the Minnie Winnie, manufactured on the Dodge B-series van chassis. It was about 19-1/2 feet (5.9 m) long.

The company established a line of smaller units a little larger than a passenger van, built using various bodies and power plants from two European automobile and truck producers. The LeSharo  based on the Renault Trafic van with a 2.2 L 4-cylinder motor, and the "Rialta" had a Volkswagen Transporter (T4) (a.k.a. "Eurovan") cab, the 2.5-liter 5-cylinder motor, 2.8-liter VR6 with 140 BHP or 2.8 V6 engine with 201 BHP.


In Popular Culture

Winnebago products have appeared in various works of film, television and music, A spacecraft revealed from a 1986 Winnebago Chieftain appears in the Mel Brooks spoof Spaceballs.


1982 to 2015 (Australia)

Avida RV introduced they would reintroduce since 2014 the Winnebago name and logo to their premium range of RV products, In 2015, the first Winnebago Industries USA caravans arrived in Australia making their starting appearance in the Melbourne caravan show.




Hardly known and not often seen, the Winnie Wagon was produced for only 2 years, starting in 1974 and come back in 1980. The 1974 model features a pop up top with an inside height of 6'6 and a 2 burner range and sink.


Current Models

  • Winnebago Grand Tour / Itasca Ellipse Ultra (Class A)
  • Winnebago Tour / Itasca Ellipse
  • Winnebago Forza/ Itasca Solei
  • Winnebago Trend / Itasca Viva!
  • Winnebago Vista LX / Itasca Sunstar LX
  • Winnebago Aspect / Itasca Cambria
  • Era
  • Destination
  • Voyage
  • Micro Minnie
  • Scorpion


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