Kyrgyzstan Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Kyrgyzstan Import Regulation for Japan Used Cars

Japan Used Car Import Duty / Regulation in Kyrgyzstan


Year Restrictions
Max. 10 Years Old
Destination Port
Time of Shipment
34-36 Days (Container)
Vessel Schedule
Weekly (Container)
Shipping Line
No Inspection Required


Shipping Ports

The common port in Kyrgyzstan for importation of used vehicles from Japan is Bishkek.


Age Restrictions

Vehicles older than 10 years old are not allowed to be imported.



No Inspection Required.


Duties & Taxes

  • Vehicles can be subject to 3% of VAT and 0.15% monthly charge for length of employment contract. Vehicles including motorcycles must be exported at the end of the client's tenure.
  • Permanent importation is subject to tax and duty. Sale of vehicles on temporary Import status is not permitted until the Customs duty and VAT is paid in full.
  • The OBL must show chassis & engine numbers, cubic capacity, year of manufacture, brand and model.


Documents Required

  • Certificate of Title and Registration - must be original

  • Commercial/Purchase Invoice – must be original

  • Drivers License & International Insurance Policy (green card)

  • Passport Copy

  • Visa Copy

  • Copy of Diplomatic Card


Consignment Instructions

  • Once shipment is booked, fax pre-alert to Destination Agent along with a copy of AWB/BL/CMR., pack list, passport copy including visa page and full contact details of the consignee. Verify consignment instructions with the agent prior to dispatch of the shipment.

  • Mark waybills "Used Household goods and personal effects." Do not attach the inventory lists used for insurance purposes with the documents enclosed with the shipment.

  • Only the valued consumables list and valued list for temporary import should be attached to the shipping documents for Customs purposes.


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