Pontiac, United States of America

Pontiac, United States of America

Pontiac USA



Detroit, Michigan, U.S.


Pontiac is a branded car manufactured and sold by the General Motors (GM), the Pontiac marketed as the performance division by GM from 1960. In December 2009, the last Pontiac badged cars produced, with one final vehicle in January, 2010. The GM is focus on its four remaining North American brands Chevrolet, Buick, Cadillac, and GMC.



1926s to 1942s :

In 1926 the Pontiac brand was released by General Motors as the companion marque to GM's Oakland division, Pontiac was outselling Oakland, which was basically a 1920s Chevrolet with a 6-cylinder engine added. Body styles offered included a sedan with both two and four doors, Landau Coupe, with the Sport Phaeton, Sport Landau Sedan, Sport Cabriolet and Sport Roadster. It had moved up to producing the least expensive cars available with straight eight-cylinder (inline eight) engines By 1933, the eight-cylinder had a 122-inch (3,099 mm) wheelbase, while the six-cylinder had a 117-inch (2,972 mm) wheelbase since 1937 year model.


1970s to 1982s :

In mid-1971 Pontiac introduced the compact, budget-priced Ventura II (based on the third generation Chevrolet Nova). The base 1972 midsize Pontiac was now called LeMans. 1971–1976 model full-size station wagons featured a 'Clamshell' design where the rear power-operated glass slid up into the roof as the tailgate (manually or with power assist), dropped below the load floor. The power tailgate, the first in station wagon history, in the end displaced the manual tailgate, which required marked effort to lift from storage.


1982s to 1988s :

Introduced in 1982, the wedge shaped Firebird was the first major redesign of the honored pony car in 1970. Pontiac also started to focus on technology. In 1984, a Special Touring Edition (STE) was added to the 6000 line as a challenging to European road cars such as the Mercedes 190.


1997s to 2004s :

Pontiac started mining its historic past opening since 1996. In 1997 led the way for an all-new Grand Prix, In addition, the GTP trim level was added to the Grand Prix. It featured a supercharged 3.8L V6 putting out 240 hp (180 kW) and 280 lb·ft (380 N·m) of torque. The 1999 model year saw the replacement of the Trans Sport with the larger Montana minivan. In 2004 the re-introduction of the Pontiac GTO (based on the Holden Monaro from Australia) took place, successfully replacing the spot left by the Firebird and Camaro, The GTO was also initially motorized by the 350 HP LS-1 V8 in 2004. It had an independent front and rear suspension and an fashionable full leather interior.


2005s to 2010s :

In 2004, the Grand Am was changed with the mid-size G6, the G8 expanded positive reception for its high performance and low costs. Its well-known the G8 as the poor man's BMW M5, The Grand Prix closed production in 2008 and the launch of the Australian-built RWD G8 originated. The Pontiac brand pulled after the 2009 model year in Mexico and the brand was renamed Matiz, selling only one vehicle, the Matiz G2.




Pontiac engineer Clayton Leach designed the stamped steel valve train rocker arm, a simplified and reliable alternative to a bearing-equipped rocker. In 1946, Pontiac began work on a V8 configuration. This was originally projected to be an L-head engine, and 8 experimental units were produced and extensively tested by the end of the 1940s. But testing assessments to the OHV Oldsmobile V8 revealed the L-head could not compete performance-wise.


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