Plymouth, United States of America

Plymouth, United States of America

Plymouth USA


July 7, 1928; 89 years ago
Walter Chrysler

Auburn Hills, Michigan, U. S.


Plymouth is an automobile company in United States, The Company founded by Walter Chrysler in 7, July 1928 and its successor was Daimlerchrysler. The Plymouth first brand released since 1928 in US to compete in what was then described as the "low-priced" market segment dominated by Chevrolet and Ford. Until the late 1990s, the Plymouth was the high-volume seller automaker.



At first Plymouth priced higher than the competition, but offered standard features such as internal growing hydraulic brakes that Ford and Chevrolet did not provide. Plymouths were initially sold completely through Chrysler dealerships, offering a low-cost option to the fashionable Chrysler-brand cars. The origins of Plymouth can be traced back to the Maxwell automobile, the company's services help to create and launch the 6-cylinder Chrysler automobile since 1924.


1940s to 1950s :

In 1930 starting, Plymouths were sold by all three Chrysler divisions (Chrysler, DeSoto, and Dodge, with the Model PA, the company introduced floating power and boasted since 1931, In 1933, Chrysler decided to catch up with Ford and Chevrolet with respect to engine cylinder count. The 190 cu in version of Chrysler's flathead-six engine was outfitted with a downdraft carburetor and installed in the new 1933 Plymouth PC, Plymouth created 417,528 vehicles since 1939, of which 5,967 were two-door convertible coupes with rumble seats.


1960s to 1970s :

The Plymouth sales suffered as a result of the quality control problems and excesses of Exner-styled models in the early 1960s, starting in 1961, and the Valiant compact became a Plymouth, further boosting sales. 1964, Plymouth got another major restyle, featuring a new "slant back" roofline for hardtop coupes that would prove extremely popular.

The Chrysler released a new compact car for 1978, the Plymouth Horizon/Dodge Omni twins, which are based on a Simca platform.


Final Years

A large scale of Plymouth models, particularly those presented from 1970s onward, such as the Valiant, Volare, Acclaim, Laser, Neon, and Breeze, were badge-engineered models of Dodge or Mitsubishi models. Chrysler considered giving Plymouth a variant of the highly successful new-for-1993 full-size LH platform, which would have been called the Accolade, but decided against it. In 1990s, there are only 4 vehicles were sold under the Plymouth name the Voyager/Grand Voyager minivans, the Breeze mid-size sedan, the Neon compact car, and the Prowler sports car. In 1973 year, it was produced 973,000 Plymouth rarely exceeded 200,000 cars per year after 1990.

The last new model sold under the Plymouth marque that comes in second-generation Neon for 2000.



Plymouth Trucks

Plymouth manufactured many types of trucks and vans, largely rebadged Dodge or Chrysler vehicles. Early pickups, delivery trucks, and other commercial trucks were presented, and after that SUV, full-sized vans, and minivans. Plymouth supplied parts to the Fargo vehicles.


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