Mercury, United States of America

Mercury, United States of America

Mercury USA


Edsel Ford

Dearborn, Michigan, U.S.


Mercury is the major part of the American automobile manufacturer Ford Motor business corporation and it was established since 1938 by Edsel Ford. The Buick and Oldsmobile played the same role within General Motors while the Chrysler Division. In the summer of 2010, Ford Motor Company introduced the absence of the Mercury division as it combined its marketing and engineering efforts on the Ford and Lincoln brands.

Ford sold Mercury vehicles in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, and the Middle East.



1950s :

In 1950 the Mercury division of Ford consisted exclusively of the Mercury Eight.  Mercury added a flagship in the Mercury Turnpike Cruiser. Mercury lineup had a curb weight approaching 5,000 lb (2,300 kg); Ford introduced its first big-block V8. A retuned version of an engine shared with Lincoln, the 430 cubic-inch Super Marauder V8 was the first production engine sold with an advertised 400 hp output.


1960s :

Mercury issued its first compact car, the Mercury Comet. A Ford Falcon its wheelbase expanded to 114 inches in 1960. When the full-size Mercury sedan line controlled, from the Mercury/Edsel platform to a Ford platform in 1961. For 1968, the intermediate line was expanded, as the Mercury Montego was appeared and it was based on the Ford Torino.


1970s :

Mercury entered the subcompact segment in 1970. In place of selling its own version of the Ford Pinto, the division turned to Ford of Europe. All Mercury cars were given 5-mph bumpers. The full-size line was given a major redesign; while Ford 2-doors would be given B-pillars, all two-door Mercury’s would stay true hardtops since 1973.


1980s :

In 1980 the Cougar XR7 was downsized onto the Fox platform as a coupe only and remained a complement to the Ford Thunderbird. For 1981, Cougar nameplates were also applied to premium variants of the Zephyr to replace the stopped Monarch. For 1980, the full-size Mercury model line was now the Grand Marquis, a little fashionable version of the Ford LTD Crown Victoria that was released the same year. In 1984, front-wheel drive made its look in compact-size Mercury’s as the Topaz changed the Zephyr alongside its Ford Tempo clone.



2000s to 2011s :

The Cougar was reintroduced after a year's hiatus since 1999, in a major shift from its personal-luxury predecessor, the 1999 Cougar was a front-wheel drive sports coupe based on the Mystique; it was mainly planned as the successor to the Ford explorer. In 2004, the Monterey would replace the Villager. Mercury phased out smaller cars completely in favor of minivans and SUVs. The Tracer was stopped in 1999 (three years before the Escort) and the Mystique was dropped in mid-2000.


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