Infiniti, United States of America

Infiniti, United States of America

Infiniti USA


1989; 28 years ago

Hopewell Centre, Wan Chai, Hong Kong


Infiniti is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese automaker Nissan. Infiniti officially started selling vehicles on November 8, 1989 in North America. The marketing network for Infiniti-branded vehicles now includes dealers in over 50 countries.The Infiniti marque is not used in Japan. However, the Infiniti Q50 is sold as a Nissan Skyline in Japan and retains Infiniti badging, though without the Infiniti brand or name.

Most Infiniti models have direct equivalents in the Japanese domestic market Nissan lineup. Examples include the Infiniti G as the Nissan Skyline sedan and coupe and before the Nissan Primera, Infiniti M as the Nissan Fuga and earlier the Nissan Leopard, Infiniti EX as the Nissan Skyline crossover, and the Infiniti Q45 as the Nissan Cima. The Infiniti FX has no Nissan equivalent and is not sold in Japan.



1989s :

In 1989, the Infiniti was issued in the United States. The marketing plan was to target the premium vehicle divisions in the United States that would not have otherwise fit in with Nissan's more mainstream image, and moderately inclined by the Plaza Accord of 1985. The brand was built around the same time as Japanese competitors Toyota and Honda established Lexus and Acura premium brands. The Japanese government imposed voluntary export chains for the U.S. market, so it was more money-making for automakers to export more costly cars to the U.S.

The Infiniti marque was came with two models, the Q45, and the M30 that were formerly sold at Japanese Nissan Motor Store dealership networks. The Q45 was based on the all new second generation JDM Nissan President on a five millimeter shorter wheelbase platform at 2,875 mm (113.2 in). Opening with model year 1992, the wheelbase matched the President's wheelbase at 2880 mm (113.4 in). The Q45 integrated with 278 hp (207 kW; 282 PS) V8 engine, 4- wheel steering, and active suspension system offered on the first generation Q45t. The car's features would have prepared it's competitive in the full-sized "luxury" segment against the Mercedes S-Class, BMW 7 Series, Jaguar XJ and Cadillac Fleetwood.

Since 1990, a second model was released with, the 2-door M30, a badge engineered Nissan Leopard. It continued in production for three years as an option to the Lexus SC. The powertrain was the VG30E 162 hp (121 kW, 164 PS) engine and an automatic transmission.


1990s :

Infiniti introduced a third model, the Infiniti G20 since 1991, it derived from the compact and European-focused Nissan Primera. For the 1993 model year, Infiniti announced a 4-door coupe J30 including one engine option, the 210 hp (157 kW, 213 PS) VG30DE. This engine was from the 222 hp (166 kW, 225 PS) 300ZX, the JDM Nissan Cedric, Nissan Gloria and the Nissan Cima, and was the North American model of the third generation JDM Nissan Leopard.


2000s :

Till 2000, large Japanese companies were feeling the effect of the Japanese asset price bubble, and the decreased incline of Infiniti's led to its facing vanished. The company rededicated itself to creating a dynamic and powerful line-up of sporty luxury cars. In Japan, Nissan had a well recognized status with premium level performance sedans after Nissan get the Prince Motor Company and incorporated with the Nissan Skyline, Nissan Laurel and Nissan Gloria.


2010s :

Carlos Ghosn issued the Infiniti M at a hotel in Los Angeles. It shares the VQ37VHR from the Infiniti G, and Nissan 370Z. its Featured are a new power trains- the 5.6 L V8 (VK56VD) with VVEL, Gasoline direct injection, the Nissan-Renault V9X Engine V6 Turbo Diesel (only for Europe), and the recently created the hybrid that will include one electric motor and two clutches to allow the gas engine and electric motor to drive the rear wheels at the same time. The lithium-ion battery set will come from the Infiniti Essence. Infiniti released a new powertrain for Europe in 2010 at the Geneva Motor Show, with the new V9X Engine established by the Renault-Nissan Alliance. The new engine is used in the Infiniti FX, Infiniti EX, and the new Infiniti M. The new Infiniti M made its European debut at the show.



The earlier model of the infinity’s name title contained the one letter for coupes and sedans (two letters for SUVs) and a number reflecting engine displacement. Example, the QX56 was an SUV and featuring a 5.6L engine. A detraction to this was the QX4 SUV, featured a 3.3 L engine (1997 to 2000) and later a 3.5 L engine (2001 to 2003).


  • Infiniti Q30
  • Infiniti Q60 (Q60 coupe/convertible, IPL coupe/convertible)
  • Infiniti QX80 (SUV)
  • Infiniti QX60 (3.5, 3.5 AWD, Hybrid, Hybrid AWD)


  • Infiniti QX4 (SUV)
  • Infiniti J30 (sedan)
  • Infiniti I30 and I35 (sedan)
  • Infiniti Q40 (sedan)
  • Infiniti Q45 (sedan)



Concept vehicles

  • Infiniti Triant (2003)
  • Infiniti Kuraza (2005)
  • Infiniti Essence (2009)
  • Infiniti Etherea (2011)
  • Infiniti Emerg-e (2012)
  • Infiniti Q80 Inspiration (2014)


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