Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan (SLBCJ)


25 (As of Sep. 2017)
Tokyo, Japan
Mr. Jagath Ramanayake


Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan (SLBCJ) is formed in line with the policy directions given by the Overseas Business Promotion Program launched by the Ministry of Commerce & Consumer Affairs of Sri Lanka. The Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan is a non-profit and voluntary organization working with the Sri Lanka Embassy in Japan.

The inaugural meeting of the Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan was held at the Sri Lanka Embassy conference room on 9th October 2003, with a participation of 61 Japanese and Sri Lankan business representatives in Japan. Our prime objective is to develop, expand and encourage bilateral trade between Sri Lanka and Japan.


Sri Lanka Business Council of Japan

  • c/o Sri Lanka Embassy 2-1-54, Takanawa Minato-Ku, Tokyo

  • +81-33-440-6911


SLBCJ President Message - Jagath Ramanayake

The SLBCJ is a non-profit organization set up in year 2003 on the initiative of the Sri Lankan Government to develop trade relations, investment and tourism between Sri Lanka and Japan.

With the support of the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Tokyo and owing to the dedication of its members, the SLBCJ has accomplished its mission with success during those 15 years. The SLBCJ has been playing a leading role in the development of the Sri Lankan business community in Japan in a growing number of business sectors and industries (Food&Beverages, tea, jewelry, IT) and in the promotion of Japanese investment to Sri Lanka.

During this term, the SLBCJ will be committed to maintaining momentum while pursuing improvements on the basis of years of experience of its members. The SLBCJ will organize regular thematic workshops, exhibitions and introduction programs about the most representative business activities in Sri Lanka and within the Sri Lankan community in Japan.

As experts in their industries, SLBCJ vice-presidents will be responsible for supporting Japanese organizations doing business with Sri Lanka in their sector. They will also provide information and support to new comers in the Sri Lankan business community in Japan. Else, the SLBCJ will be proud to assist the Sri Lankan Embassy and Embassy staff in their mission, for instance during events promoting Sri Lanka in Japan.

The SLBCJ will contribute as much as possible, within the limits of its attributions, to improve relations between Japan and Sri Lanka. Please feel free to contact the SLBCJ at any time for further information.



Promote Japanese investments to Sri Lanka and developing trade links between the two countries. Promote friendship, goodwill and understanding between the business organizations in Sri Lanka and in Japan.



Assist Sri Lankan companies and business people on establishing or contemplate the establishment of a trading base in Japan. Create awareness and provide relevant information about Sri Lanka to the Japanese investors. To assist and liaise with the Sri Lanka Embassy and Consulates in their endeavors to further develop/enhance trade opportunities between Sri Lanka and Japan and to work with the Sri Lanka Embassy and consulate on matters on mutual interest.



Membership is open to all the Sri Lankan Business organizations / Professionals in Japan as well as the Japanese Business Community having Business relations with Sri Lanka. 


Success for Sri Lanka Motor Vehicle Summit Tokyo




Courtesy: SLBCJ

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