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What is FOB, C&F & CIF

What is FOB Price?
Freight on board (FOB). This pricing term indicates that the cost of the goods, including all transportation and insurance costs from the manufacturer to the port of departure, as well as the costs of loading the vessel are read filed in the quoted price.
This means that the buyer has to bear all costs and risks of loss of or damage to the goods from that point. The FOB term requires the seller to clear the goods for export. "FOB Price does not include Shipping freight and Insurance charges"

10 Best Reasons to Buy Used or New Car from Japan

Japan being world’s leading producer of all kinds of cars, SUV, MUV, sports cars, trucks, mini trucks, buses manufactures hundreds of new models every year with latest technology and features. Japanese manufactured vehicles are known for high quality, reliability and technology beyond compare throughout the world. New models with great fuel efficiency and eco-friendly technologies are launched frequently by Japanese automakers.

Japan Used Car Sales Figure 2017

Cars have become one of the important necessity in everyone’s life, it signifies the comfort and status. But sometimes it’s not all easy to own your desired car, it may be not possible because of high price of a new car. So, people have option to fulfill their wishes by purchasing Japan used car of their desired brand and model at their affordable price. Nowadays, purchasing a used car has become so popular that the market of resale of used car is booming day by day, Over the last few years, the used car market has demonstrated a significant growth in value contributing the larger share of the overall market value.

Manual vs Automatic Transmission

There are lots of things to decide before you buy a car, from deciding the model and brand to what kind of interior you will and most important to choose the transmission for your car. Yes, lot of people get confused between manual and Automatic transmission. As they are the two most popular and used transmission among all four kinds of transmission.
The transmission is a mechanical component designed to transmit power from a vehicle’s engine to the drive axle, which makes the wheels drive the vehicle. Along with that it is a most complicated and least understood component of your car.

Automobile an inseparable part of our Life

Around the world, there were about 806 million cars and light trucks on the road in and the engines of these burns over a billion cubic meters of petrol/gasoline and diesel fuel yearly. Today car is not considered luxury by most it has become a necessity. Finance companies and Loans and availability of used cars have made it more convenient to own. Can you imagine the world without any single automobile? It’s impossible to even imagine world without automobiles.

Beginning of Automobile Industry

With the beginning of the nineteenth century, automobiles entered the transportation market, but only for a fairly limited audience. Though, they soon became highly popular among masses as they gave travelers the liberty to travel when and where they wanted to. Before automobiles, people were limited to only one place. Either they lived and worked in the city, or lived on the country side and worked on a farm. But automobiles, freed people from their geographical limitation.

Benefits of “Letter of Credit” in Used Cars Import from Japan

Letter of Credit, often abbreviated as L/C is a letter from a financial institution normally a bank assuring that correct payment from buyer has been received on time. In case of Japanese used cars it is a document or a written commitment by a bank of a buyer or importer assuring payment to the seller or exporter of used cars provided certain concrete documents are presented to bank by the exporter.

BMW- Emergence of the world’s finest automaker

Cars manufactured by this auto brand are phenomenal. Bayerische Motoren Werke AG or BMW is a German automobile, motorcycle and engine manufacturing company that was established in 1916. Along with Mercedes-Benz and Audi, BMW is a part of the "German Big 3", which are the three best-selling luxury car makers in the world.

Car Technologies and Innovations in 2015

The advancement in technology has hit the automobile sector also. Today automobile makers aim at connecting cars and their passengers with the outside world in a safe and flawless manner. The technical expansion defines where our autos are going to be in the future. Over the years cars and their technologies have evolved a lot with features such as Bluetooth, USB, rear cameras becoming universal.

Cars owned by Top Business Personalities across the world

A drawn out introduction is generally required while writing something in order to demonstrate the personality of the person, but here we’re dealing with world’s top business tycoons who don’t require any introduction. They are billionaires who live a life of luxury and have an excess to almost everything available in the world. Likewise, they use super-duper luxury cars as their mode of transportation.

Cars owned by top celebrities across the world

Does owing the most expensive or luxurious car matters? Well, definitely to us, but apparently not to the celebrities. Various celebrities are known for their expensive and unreserved collection of silken things. They have everything, including plush mansions, private jets, and fancy yachts. To top it all off, they have the world’s luxurious cars. As a kid, everybody had a thing for collecting wheels, but celebrities take their hobby to next level by purchasing cars loaded with plentiful features. No matter how much we envy them, but the bottom line is they own these luxurious toys simply because they can afford them. 

Cars owned by Top Politicians across the world

Politicians are leaders who are skilled and experienced in the art of administration of the government. They are highly respectable people as they influence the general public and rule the government. They enjoy a high profile life by living in plush houses, guarded by top-notch securities, and drives in lavish cars. From Asia, Africa, Europe and the rest of the world, there are many political personalities, who ride in the best cars available in the world. A Cadillac for the US President, a BMW for Indian Prime Minister and a Lexus for Japanese Prime Minister.

Cars owned by top Sports personalities across the world

Almost every player wishes to splurge their wealth on cars and as a matter of fact they do that. From Roger Federer to Lionel Messi to Shaquille O’Neal, all owns an array of supercars. There is no car which one can’t find with these sports personalities.The car owned by people easily reflects their personalities. Likewise, world’s top sports player cars describe them. Some drives SUVs, while some prefer trucks and other like sports cars. But no matter what they drive, there’s always luxury attached to it. With this article, we display the cars owned by 6 of the world’s top sports players that appears on every true car enthusiast dream garage list.

Classification of cars on the basis of body type

Everybody has long had a love affair with their automobiles, may it be crossover, SUVs, sedans, convertibles or any. Everything changes and evolves. And the automotive industry is no such exception. The industry undergoes various changes to adjust to the fluctuating market conditions and changing customer’s need. With so much development in technology, it has now become easy for buyers to purchase a car that meets their criteria. Cars come in different shapes and sizes, with different mechanical configurations to suit the need of people and perform various purposes.

Comparison between Japanese, European and American vehicles

In this globalized era, sometimes it is not easy to differentiate between two similar objects that were made in completely different nations. This is largely the case with cars. Nowadays, cars are produced all over the world, so it is not correct to label them completely of one region. However, some differences never disappear, and so does the difference in the styling, performance, safety and others.

Coupé or Sedan- which one to buy?

One of the top questions to consider while purchasing a car is to decide on the body type of the vehicle. The most popular body type of car among customers is a sedan and coupé. Since ages there has been a debate over the difference between the two. According to many definitions, sedans are four-door vehicles, and coupés are two-door model. However, there is more to it.

Difference between Automatic Transmission and Continuous Variable Transmission

Before starting, let’s know what transmission is. Transmission in a vehicle is a system of gears that transmit the power to the wheels generated by the engine. CVT is basically a type of automatic transmission only. CVT have the same control as those found for AT. While driving vehicles with ATs or CVTs, drivers do not have to manually shift gears. Vehicle’s computer system mechanizes the shifting.

Driving tips for Summer

Summer has reached and perhaps it’s the time for summer road trip. As you prepare for your trip, don’t forget about your car. Sometimes the trips are interrupted by vehicle collapse, which can be avoided if one takes necessary care of the vehicle before hitting the road. The summers have harsh effect on different parts of the vehicle and sometimes even the slightest problem can cause breakdown of the vehicle.

Driving tips on rough roads

One of the most preferred modes of transportation is cars. They are used almost daily for varied purposes. Whether the vehicle is new or old, necessary maintenance is required on them. One should drive the vehicle as per the condition of roads. Not all road conditions are same, and there are different ways to handle the vehicle depending upon the situation.

European Automobile Industry

Europe is one of the world’s biggest producers of automobiles. The automobile sector of Europe is one of the highly growing sectors and has contributed significantly in the growth of Europe’s economy. It accounts for giving maximum jobs, high income and represent a large portion of continent’s export. For Europe’s prosperity growth of the automobile sector is important. The connection of Europe and cars goes long back.

European or Japanese cars- which one to choose

With more numbers of popular brands and names, Japanese and European automakers have little edge over other automakers. People depend on Japanese vehicles as they are reliable, easy to maintain, cost-effective. Japanese cars are not only reasonable, but they are good on quality, high on safety. On the other hand, European cars are known for their top notch quality and smoothness.

Five questions to ask before buying a car from Japan

Japanese vehicles are popular across the world for their reliability, longevity, quality and safety. With their vehicles, Japanese makers always try to make place in the heart of buyers. Japanese automakers have solid track record of manufacturing vehicles that suits the requirements of buyers. Japanese vehicles have more longevity, tighter tolerance in comparison with other maker vehicles. Along with the new car market, Japanese used car market is also rising at a greater pace.

Freight charge calculation while importing Japanese Used Vehicles

Want to buy a used car from Japan?
The foremost thing one should know while importing a Japanese Used Vehicle is the freight charges. One should be familiar with the shipping charges to be paid along with the vehicle cost. Sometimes, the charges for the shipment may be too much in comparison with the vehicle or machinery one is buying.

From coupes to wagons- which one is your vehicle?

To make transportation easy, one prefer to own a vehicle at some point of their life. Since the first introduction of vehicles, automobile industry has gone through many changes. From the first vehicle, automobile industry has developed gradually giving consumers many options to consider while buying. Like people, cars too come in different shapes and sizes.

How to Import Car Privately?

Are you a Japanese car lover? Yes, quite obvious they deserve to be loved. Japanese cars are driven all over the world, sometimes some particular models are not available in your country and you liked and want to own a car which is among those models not available in New Zealand. Along with owning your desired model, you want to save some money too and you decide to purchase a Japanese used car and import it privately. All seems good so far but this remains long till your car arrives at your home, you need to weigh up the risks and advantages of importing your car privately from Japan.

Future Technology of Japan Auto Industry

The automobile industry is an important pillar of the global economy. For the overall development of the country, automobile sector plays a very vital role. The automobile industry of every country is constantly working to bring out new technologies, either they are for safety, fun, or just for pure innovation. Generally vehicles manufactured are for safety purpose, but some are just for convenience to drivers. Those technologies which once seem impossible to implement are now feasible.

Get to know about terms used in Japanese used car shipment

Japanese vehicles are known across the world for their reliability, quality, longevity, safety. Japanese automobile industry started its journey with the launch of new small cars and eventually became of the world’s top automobile industry. The main focus of Japanese makers is always towards customer’s satisfaction. Like new vehicles, used vehicles from Japan are also popular among buyers across the world.

History of Japanese Automobile Industry

Japanese automobile industry is one of the well-known and largest industries in the world. Japanese automakers always focus on product enhancement, technological innovation, and safety improvement. By manufacturing vehicles that are reliable, safe and tough, Japanese makers are ruling the hearts of millions.The increase in demand for Japanese vehicles has increased the competition among vehicle manufacturers.

How Airbags work?

Most cars generally have a driver’s side airbag, while some may have passenger’s side airbag as well. It was in the year 1973 in the Oldsmobile Toronado that airbags were first sold with a vehicle. During mid-1990s, the installation of at least two airbags became standard in most cars. To keep the things flexible and stick-proof, cornstarch or talcum powder is generally used within the storage system of airbags.

How to choose the right tire for the vehicle?

Every vehicle owner is well aware about the importance of choosing the right tires for the vehicle. This is an important decision as it is related to the safety of the driver along with other occupants. As far as possible, make sure that all the four tires of the vehicle are identical, i.e. the brand, speed rating, size and line of all tires should be same.

How to know about Vehicle Identification Number?

It won’t be wrong in saying Vehicle Identification Number or VIN is equivalent to human “DNA”. A VIN is basically a serial number for any vehicle. It is 17 characters long and is a mix of numbers and alphabets. Each character or digit has a particular purpose. Given letters are not included in the VIN number, I (i), O (o), or Q (q) (to avoid confusion with numerals 1 and 0).

How to maintain your used car?

Vehicles nowadays have become part and parcel of one’s life. It is almost impossible to pass a day without using them. But one must look after the condition of their vehicle from time to time.Either new vehicle or used vehicle both need to be looked after with care to keep them fit and performing for long time without trouble.

Car Depreciation

The expensiveness value of an asset decrease over time due to use, wear and tear or outdated, this decrease is measured as depreciation or in simple words, you can say depreciation is refer to the loss of market value of a tangible (physical) assets.This word is frequently used in business of buy and sell. Nowadays it’s a trend to buy and sell used things like electronic gadgets, cars and various vehicles.

Japanese Automobile Industry

Japan, notably known as "the land of Rising Sun" is famous for its values of perfection and creativity. Imagination and enthusiasm for work is truly expressed by Japanese products, be it electronic or cars. Japanese automobile industry started its journey with the launch of new small cars. These small cars featured very small engines (360cc-600cc) which kept taxes very low as compared to large cars.

Japanese Automobile Manufacturers

The sole reason for the popularity of Japanese automakers across the world is that they stood well on all the promises made. Time and again, with various test, Japanese makers have proven that they are better than other makers across the world. The result speaks itself for the hard work and determination poured by automobile manufacturers. And that’s why there are around millions of Japanese vehicles across the world.

Journey of Japanese automobile industry

Japan, notably known as “the land of Rising Sun” is famous for its values of perfection and creativity. Imagination and enthusiasm for work is truly expressed by Japanese products, be it electronic or cars. The journey of Japan’s automobile industry started in the year 1960 with the launch of new small cars in Japan.

Latest Technologies in Japan Auto Industry

One of the most commonly used products in daily life is motor vehicles, yet is most complicated and requires complex technologies for development. Along with the technologies and methods used for manufacturing of vehicles, supplier industries for steel and other parts also plays a very vital role in developing of components that are used for manufacturing motor vehicles. The Japanese automobile industry is one of the most prominent and largest industries in the world.

Left Hand Drive Vehicle V/S Right Hand Drive Vehicle

Each country specifies a uniform road traffic flow, either left-hand traffic (LHT) in which traffic keeps to the left side of the road, or right-hand traffic (RHT) in which traffic keeps to the right. There are some countries with RHT and mostly RHD vehicles.

Manual cars more popular than Automatic cars

Cars depending upon the functionality of there gear mechanism can be classified into manual and automatic cars. Manual cars generally come with a clutch and shifter where as the automatic transmissions have an automobile gearbox that can change gear ratios automatically as the vehicle moves.

Which one is the Best Car Interior? Leather vs Cloth

Leather interior is a status symbol, no doubt it gives an attractive look to car interior and also burden to your pocket as they are highly expensive, depends on quality of leather you are choosing. Cheaper options are also available like faux or vinyl seating. The most common types of leather for car interior are Nappa, perforated leather, and Oxford. When it comes to maintenance leather interior are easy to maintain and clean, seats can be cleaned with a wet rag or leather cleaner so they are relatively easy to keep clean. It is easier to wipe away even the toughest stains off top on leather. It is also worth noting that cars with leather tend effectively retain its resale value.

Self-Driving Car Technology

Technological advancement is the call of today’s era, every sector is using latest technology and giving tough competition to their rivals in their respective fields. Unlike other industries, automobile industry is also getting advanced technologically every new day, we get to introduce with new technology and advancement sometimes it is beyond our imagination.One such technology is self-driving which we all are going to use practically soon. This is a great news for those who loves cars but unable to drive due to lack of driving skills, physically impaired or feel unsafe while driving.

Engine Problems in Car

Amongst all of them engine is most complex and essential system of cars. If you are using cars for your travellings than you must know what may be the reasons your car engine is not working or creating issues.
The fundamental reasons that can cause trouble to your engine are such as a bad fuel mix, lack of compression, lack of spark, overheating, noise in engine. Beyond of these there are several other reasons which may cause problems in engine.

Popular Japanese Sports Cars

Japanese vehicles have always been the epitome of reliability and quality. With them comes extreme trustworthiness and excellence. Japanese vehicles have become popular because they simply stay true on all promises made. By offering most comfortable and efficient vehicles, Japanese automakers always try to make a place in the heart of buyers. The Japanese auto industry is an enthusiastic industry that delivers vehicles that one feels proud to drive.

SUVs and Crossovers- What’s the difference?

The basic difference between the two is of the platform. A crossover is based on a car’s platform (unibody) with a V6 engine, while an SUV uses the chassis of a truck. SUVs uses "body on frame” design, i.e. body is built separately from the frame and later placed together. While in crossovers, body and frame are one piece.

Top 10 car makers in the world

At present, one of the most important parts of one’s life is automobiles. People from every age hold interest for cars. With so many breathtaking cars and their latest technologies, it’s obvious to have inclination towards vehicles. People from almost every country wait eagerly for the launch of new vehicles from top makers across the world. Especially in European and developed nations, craze for cars is worth-watching. Automobiles from different automakers across the world are launching new vehicles every year as customers always want to know what is new in cars.

Top 10 most exported used car models

Whenever one thinks of a Japanese car, one thinks of extreme reliability and good quality. The sole reason for the popularity of Japanese automakers across the world is that they all stood on the promises made. Time and again, with various test, Japanese makers have proven that they are better than other makers across the world. The result speaks itself for the hard work and determination poured by automobile manufacturers. And that’s why there are around millions of Japanese vehicles across the world.
Every day, thousands of used vehicles are exported from Japan to various countries across the world. Used vehicles from Japan are generally in good condition, reasonably priced, and it is quite easy to find spare parts of Japanese vehicles.

Top 10 most Fuel-Efficient Wagons and Hatchbacks

Japan has always been an important source for the manufacturing of automobiles. Japanese automobile makers are known for understanding the taste of automobile enthusiasts. In the segment of Wagons and hatchbacks, Japanese makers too rule the road. Wagons and Hatchbacks are known for offering outstanding fuel efficiency. One can go for either a practical car or an excellent fun to drive vehicle. The reason for the popularity of Japanese cars is their pricing, comfort, mileage.
Classification is done on the basis of EPA’s combined fuel. Honda Insight topped the chart of being the most fuel efficient car. However, cars from Mazda, Toyota, and Nissan have also bagged some spot in the list of top 10 most fuel-efficient Wagons and Hatchbacks.

Top 10 World’s car clubs

For individuals having passion for vehicles, joining a car club is a good option and with so many clubs in the world, finding a satisfactory one is not a problem. There are so many well-established clubs for the masses.
Car clubs provide opportunity for auto enthusiasts to realize their dream of driving finest cars from most top manufacturers in the world, like Ferrari, Bentley, Porsche, Aston Martin and so on. Here are some details regarding some of the well known and amazing clubs around the world.

Top 5 American Automakers

American automobile industry ruled the world’s automobile sector during the first half of the twentieth century. At the beginning of the 20th century, automobiles were limited to only few people as they were time-consuming to produce and too costly for the general public. With the introduction of the Model T Ford by Henry Ford in 1908, Americans developed a passion for manufacturing vehicles in the world.

Top 5 European Automakers

European automakers are known for producing one of the best performing and handling vehicles. The European auto industry is a global player, delivering quality ‘Made in Europe’ vehicles around the world. There is no doubt that European cars are the most popular cars in the world. When one talks of a European vehicle, a couple of things come to mind such as beautiful interiors, charisma, and speed.

Vehicle parts to be taken care of this summer

A car is a beloved thing for its buyer as it provides the greatest comforts that one can have. But it should be taken care of properly otherwise might get damaged. The effect of change in temperature and weather is not quite noticeable and as result people often overlook the condition of their vehicle and its parts. We might escape the heat of the summer by cool comfort of the air conditioner. While on the other side, the lifespan of our vehicle parts gets affected drastically due to heat.

What are Convertibles?

Vehicles over the ages have transformed a lot. Earlier cars introduced were all open and with the end of the nineteenth century cars with an enclosed body started making their way in the market. Over the years, vehicles have transformed a lot. They went from 2 horse driven to 200-horse power. Station wagons of the 1970s were succeeded by minivans in the ‘80s that gave way to SUVs in the ‘90s.

What could damage the car engine?

Nowadays, vehicles are one of the most important part one’s lives. They are used almost daily for every purpose, but still least taken care of. It is important to take care of vehicle, especially its engine. The engine is the heart of the car. Without a proper functioning engine, car will not work properly. Proper sticking to guidelines is required for vehicle maintenance in order to avoid unwanted damage and cost for repairing. Engine repair is often complicated and time-consuming process, thus proper maintenance should be taken on the vehicle.

What is Dashboard Warning Light?

Warning lights are lights on the dashboard of a car that inform the driver when something goes wrong with the vehicle. Sometimes warning lights can be serious in nature, such as Brake System Alert, Engine Warning Alert.

What is Japanese Used Vehicle Grading system?

The Grading system, in order to help buyers to buy the correct vehicle without physically inspecting the vehicle, contains almost accurate details regarding the vehicle. On the basis of this, overseas buyers or importers buy vehicles with complete faith and assurance.

What is JUMVEA?

Japan Used Motor Vehicle Exporters Alliance popularly abbreviated as JUMVEA was established in the year 1995 on September 14. When the organization started there were only 60 members, but every year the number of members is increasing significantly and it has around 250 registered members now.

What is M3 (Cubic Meter) Size of a Vehicle?

The M3 of the vehicle is used by the shipping company for RO-RO shipment to calculate the cost of transporting the vehicle to the destination port. Used car importers or individual buyers must know how to calculate freight charges while importing used cars from Japan or any other country to their final delivery port.

What is Roadworthiness Inspection?

Roadworthiness inspection not only determines whether or not the vehicle is working properly, but is also important for environmental reasons and to ensure fair competition in the transport sector. It is important to inspect the vehicle as fully maintained and safe vehicle is less likely to involve in a road accident. If any illegal modifications on vehicles are done, then it is not allowed to be imported or even allowed on the road.

What makes Super Cars Super?

The history of supercar goes back when an advertisement for the Ensign Six, a 6.7L high-performance car similar to the Bentley Speed Six, appeared in ‘The Times’ dated 11th November, 1920 with the phrase- “If you are interested in a supercar, you cannot afford to ignore the claims of the Ensign 6.”Some popular examples of supercars from these automakers are Ferrari 458 Italia, Bugatti Veyron, Audi R8 GT, Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera. 

What makes Toyota World famous automaker?

Automobile manufacturer that is best recognized for building reliable cars is Toyota Motors. Toyota vehicles have outstanding record for offering reliability and durability. They are known for providing convenience, comfort and safety to their customers. With typical Toyota standard, toughness and dependability, its vehicles are absolutely efficient, economical, and Tough.

When to know the car tires require replacement

Today, vehicles have become one of the most important parts of one’s life, they are used almost daily. In spite of being so much in need, they are least taken care of. Out of all parts of the vehicle, tires are vehicles only part that remains in contact with roads continuously. They are responsible for safety, handling, stability, braking of the vehicle.

Which one to choose- Electric or Hybrid or Hydrogen or PHEV?

Gone are the days when there were only few options when it comes to buying an automobile. Automakers have gone far beyond just gasoline or diesel engines or manual or automatic transmission. There are new and environmentally friendly technologies such as hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid, electric, even hydrogen cars.

Which side of road to drive on?

Every country has its own history and has chosen its tradition and culture on the basis of their ancient times only. Likewise, the decision to drive on which side of road has its roots in the past. Some countries have chosen the right lane to drive on while some has chosen the left side. As a matter of fact about two-third of the world’s traffic moves on the left-side of the road.

Which Wheel Drive to choose?

While buying a car, one holds many choices such as either going with a luxury car or a SUV. Some prefer to go with a vehicle with large cargo space, while some opt out a fuel-efficient vehicle. While shopping for a car, it is common to hear terms such as “four-wheel drive”, “all wheel drive”, “two wheel drive”. But if one is not a car enthusiast, it is quite difficult to understand them.

Why & how to check Manufacturing year of the used car to be imported from Japan?

Importation of Japanese used vehicles is very popular in almost every country in the World. Buyers prefer to buy second-hand vehicles from Japan as buying from Japan is an easy process. Plus, one could get a better quality vehicle at cheaper rates.

Why Corolla is Toyota’s perennial car?

Automobile manufacturer that is best recognized for building reliable cars is Toyota. And the carthat created that stature is Corolla. This popular Japan manufactured car has been with its customers since 1966 and with over 40 million Corollas sold worldwide till now, it’s the most popular car line in history. Even after 48 years, it makes many cars in the competition to take a back seat, and inspiring other manufacturers.

Why engine oil need to be replaced?

We at one or another time have read or heard it that one should change the engine oil of the vehicle to keep the vehicle’s engine in perfect condition. Changing the engine oil for every 3000 miles or 5000 miles or at any fixed intervals is not necessary nowadays. Changing the engine oil is not a rocket science. One must have done that at one point of their life or another.

Why seat belts are important while driving?

Imagine yourself running as fast as you can and suddenly something looms up. What would happen? You think you would able to dodge that thing? But the answer is pretty much no and as a result you would definitely get knocked up. This same situation occurs when the car crashes with another vehicle. Within the first tenth of a second the car stops, but as we are also going with the same speed, so to stop ourselves, we need something, either a dashboard, or steering, in case we are not wearing a seat belt.

Why sedans are popular choice among buyers?

Today, almost every automaker keeps a line of sedan style cars in its production as it is the most popular car body type. Sedans from automakers such as Toyota, Nissan are easily affordable, whereas those of luxury brands are quite expensive. This body type of car is quite popular and long-running as it provides a good balance of cost, comfort, efficiency.

Why to buy a hatchback?

Hatchbacks can be described as three or five door cars that come with a rear door that swings upward to increase a cargo area. There is a separate cabin for engine in these cars, while passenger and cargo areas are together. The luggage storage areas in these cars are incorporated along in a single body compartment, which are accessible through rear door.

Winter car care tips

One of the important parts of everyone’s life is vehicles. They are used almost every day for various works, yet are least taken care of. It’s easy to take the vehicle for granted, but sometimes this leniency ends up with big problem. With every season, the functionality of the vehicle gets affected. But it is during cold season, that the performance of the vehicle gets affected the most. In case of used vehicles the problem is even more.

10 best Automobile magazines

Magazines basically offer matter regarding different facets, in the same way, automobile magazines feature matter related to the latest trends in automobile industry. The first ever launched automobile magazine was ‘The Horseless Age’ in 1895, that later became the ‘Automotive Industries magazine’. Automobile magazines entertain their audience by featuring new car trials and comparisons, future models speculations, lists of new models with prices, specifications, ratings, auto racing news and results and other relevant data.

Future of Japanese used cars export market

Large numbers of used vehicles from Japan are exported to almost all countries across the world. Africa, the second-largest continent in the world is a major importer of Japanese used vehicles. Used vehicles from Japan are imported by nearly all African countries. The availability of large numbers of used vehicles on the streets of African countries, constitute towards of the popularity of Japanese vehicles in these countries.

Renovation of Your Car

Physical appearance is the very first thing, which play a vital role in creating an impression of once personality. This factor is to be considered as major role in attributes of impression as physical appearance does matter in all sort of fields. Likewise, it also matter the car you are carry, as if you have impressive looks but the car you are using having dull or not so attracting looks, it may affect your image too. Renovating your car is not a rocket science, you may do it with applying some basics tips and can create a kind of look you wanted for your car, or like which reflects your personality.

American Automobile Industry

The automobile industry of America started in the 1890s and evolved rapidly in one of the largest in the world. The country’s automobile industry ruled the world’s automobile sector during the first half of the twentieth century. The vehicle industry started with the introduction of many manufacturing companies, but by the end of 1920s, it was dominated by Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. The country’s first mass produced automobile was Curved-dash automobile.

Popular Myths related to buying Used Cars

The moment you share the idea of buying a used car with your family or friends, automatically you are going to get so many suggestions and advice related to it, you are really going to get confused between all of them, because most of the advice are myths and misconception about buying used cars and their reality.Buying a used car does not have to be stressful. Needless stress comes from the many misconceptions and myths surrounding used car sales which can prevent you from getting what you need.

Getting Geared Up for the Open Road

If you have a Japanese car license, this greatly shortens the time it takes to complete the course, as only 18 hours of riding classes are required; there is no written test. Plus, Japanese proficiency is not a must to enroll. The course costs about 80,000 yen and instruction is generally excellent. To get an ogata license (over 400cc), if you already have the chugata you can take a riding test at a driving-license center.

Buying a Car and Car Fees

If you're considering whether or not to buy a car in Japan, there are a number of considerations. Owning a car is expensive, so it's worth figuring out exactly what you want. If you are in or near a city and on a train route, then you can survive easily without a car. The trains in Japan are reliable, fairly regular, and though expensive, are cheaper than a car if you don't do a lot of traveling. If you're outside a city and not on a train line, then you may want a car, because bus services usually finish early and are more expensive and irregular than the train system.



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