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East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd

East Africa Automobile Services Co. Ltd or EAA is a Japanese origin venture involved in the business of automobile inspection before importation. Inspection on used vehicles is done by using highly efficient technology. EAA is known for providing high quality and efficient inspection services.

Japan Odometer Certification Institute (JOCI)

Japan Odometer Certification Institute (JOCI) is a substitute organization of Nippon Jidosha Service registered in Japan and is formed with the aim to help consumers to identify vehicles with rolled back odometers. The institute has been involved in certification of odometer readings in all types of used vehicles. JOCI is an independent organization which provides online odometer certification service.

JEVIC Certificate an important tool for used car Importers

Established in 2001, Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Center (JEVIC) Co Ltd is a Japan based company involved in pre-shipment inspection and certification of cargo. JEVIC have such strict ways of inspecting used vehicles that some countries have made it mandatory to have the JEVIC certificate along with the used vehicle importing to their country.

Quality Inspection Services Japan

QISJ got ISO certified in April 2010 and was the first private company to get ISO/IEC 17020 accreditation in Japan. QISJ has a team of highly skilled inspectors that perform a complete check on all aspects of a vehicle. A certificate of approval or disapproval is issued by QISJ depending on whether or not vehicle meets the manufacturer’s safety and standards.

Shaken – Road worthiness inspection method

Shaken also known as "Jidosha Kensa Torokuseido", is basically an inspection on vehicles over 250cc in Japan. The Ministry Of Transport conducts inspection on the vehicle to check whether or not all vehicles on the road are in proper condition and safe to drive. Any illegal modification on the vehicle is also inspected by this inspection.

The Pre-Export Appraisal

The Pre-Export Appraisal is an assurance of the vehicle condition prior to purchase and export. Once a vehicle passes inspection, a certificate of conformity is issued with unique safety and identification features to prevent forge. There are many recognized organizations such as JEVIC, JAAI, EAA and many others that undertake pre-export appraisal.

What is Asian Gypsy Moth Certification?

The Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) is an exotic insect pest inhabitant in Far East countries such as Russia, Northern China, Korea and Japan. The AGM inspection on the vessel is done to detect the presence of moth, and inspection certificate is issued after the vehicle gets free from Asian Gypsy Moth.

What is Biosecurity Inspection?

The officers of the Department of Agriculture’s Biosecurity inspect the vehicles for contamination. Used vehicles are subjected to full external and internal inspection before their arrival. If the vehicle is founded to be contaminated, then it is sent for the removal of contamination. Biosecurity officers will re-inspect the vehicle before it is released.

What is Intertek Inspection?

There are many organizations that perform inspection on used vehicles prior to their importation to check any sort of faults. One such organization is Intertek. Intertek is a product testing and Certification Company that provides pre-shipment inspection of vehicles imported. In some countries like Mozambique, Philippines, and Uzbekistan, Intertek inspection is mandatory.

What is JAAI and role in Japanese used car inspection certification?

The Japan Auto Appraisal Institute or JAAI was established in 1966 under the approval of the Ministry of International Trade & Industry along with The Ministry of Transport. JAAI having a network of 52 branches spread in all 47 prefectures of Japan and it is the only Japanese organization to conduct export inspections of used cars.

What is Odometer Inspection?

Odometer is the best way to know the exact condition of the vehicle, how much the vehicle had traveled or if any necessary repair is required in it. Odometer fraud occurs when the seller of a vehicle falsely represents the actual mileage of a vehicle to the buyer.

What is Radiation Check?

Various skilled and experienced organizations like JEVIC, JAAI perform inspection on vehicles before they are exported. These organizations not only perform inspection on vehicles, but also on heavy machinery, containerized cargo, transportation vessels. In radiation inspection process appropriate and advanced equipments are used to measure the radiation level.

What is Stolen vehicle check inspection?

One such problem that is prevailing nowadays is stolen vehicle. Stolen vehicles are not easy to spot as they appear just like other cars. Large numbers of stolen vehicles from Japan are exported to foreign countries and as a result the risk to buy a stolen vehicle is increasing at a very alarming rate.To protect buyers from buying a faulty vehicle, many organizations perform stolen vehicle check.

What is Used Vehicle Inspection Sheet?

Inspection sheet is a document, which is prepared by the highly qualified vehicle experts inspecting the vehicles before exhibition in auction for bids. The condition of the car, its grade and options are mentioned in the inspection sheet. It reflects the entire defect including even the small ones along with the auction grade letting the buyers to know the actual condition of the vehicle overall.

Why Inspection is done on used vehicles?

During inspection, vehicle’s components are thoroughly inspected by a certified mechanic. Thus it is advised to inspect the vehicle from an expert, before negotiating prices. Various types of inspections such as odometer inspection, quarantine inspection, radiation inspection, roadworthiness inspection, Asian gypsy moth certification etc. are performed on used vehicles in accordance with the import regulations of a particular country that the vehicle is imported.

Vehicle Certificate Agency(VCA Inspection)

VCA is abbreviated form Vehicle Certificate Agency, is a designated UK Vehicle Type Approval authority and with more than 30 years experience supports industry by providing internationally recognised testing and certification for vehicles, their systems and components. They provide their services of type approval and certification of all types of vehicles, and has offices located in UK, North America, Brazil, Japan (Asia Pacific), Korea, China, Italy, Malaysia, India, and Australia.



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