Mitsuoka Motors, Japan

Mitsuoka Motors, Japan

Mitsuoka Motors Japan


February 1, 1968
Susumu Mitsuoka

Toyama, Japan


The Mitsuoka Motor is a Japanese automobile company established in 1, February 1968. Its headquartered situated in Toyama, Japan.Popularly known for building unique cars with unusual styling, some  of them were reproduce British motor vehicles of the 1950s and 1960s. It is mainly a coachbuilder, taking production cars, like the Nissan March, changing various features of the bodywork with its own custom designs.It has also produced a sports car, the Orochi. Mitsuoka Motors is also the principal distributor of retro-classic TD2000 roadster in Japan. Mitsuoka was recognised in 1996 as the 10th Japanese auto manufacturer to be registered in Japan since Honda in 1963.  Mitsuoka Motor launched in the UK in 2015 under sole distribution of T W White & Sons and launched the Mitsuoka Roadster (Himiko) at the London Motor Show in 2016.



1968 -1990s :

"Mitsuoka Jidousya Kogyo" was founded individually by Susumu Mitsuoka in February 1968.Car Shop Mitsuoka Jidousha in 1970.In 1979 November "Mitsuoka Motor Co., Ltd." was established and Vehicle Developing Department in Toyama in 1980. February 1982  the "BUBU Shuttle 50" with a 50cc engine, which served as the starting point for the present Mitsuoka Motor was launched followed by the "BUBU501",  the "BUBU502",the "BUBU503" and the "BUBU505-C" till 1985  .  1987 the "BUBU Classic SSK".


1990-2000s :

"Mitsuoka Motors America, Inc., which was the first step to Overseas Business, was established and started importing and selling American carsalso launched the "BUBU 356 Speedstar" in1989and "Le-Seyde" in 1990. "BUBU Sapporo Co., Ltd." was established in 1993 and released the "Viewt" (Modified car based on Nissan March (K11)), which recorded annual sales of more than 1,000 vehicles.1994 the "Mitsuoka Zero-1",the first ever model, to be called as Mitsuoka's Original Brand (except the Engine). the Zero-1, brought great attention from the Japanese media and was pronounced as the 10th Authorized Manufacturing Company of Japan.

The company received a "Regional Vitalization Contribution Company" prize, co-sponsored by Nikkei Shinbun (Newspaper) and National Land Agency, also received a "Life and Culture" prize, sponsored by Japan Fashion Association (JFA).Soon in October Hokkaido BUBU Co., Ltd. got authorised dealership of Volkswagen and Audi.The "Galue" (Modified car based on Nissan Crew) was launched 1995.

At the 35th Tokyo Motor Show, we started  with "OROCHI CONCEPT" as the 10th Authorized Manufacturing Company of Japan. Through this Exhibition, we entered the Automobile Industry of the World as a Manufacturer of unique models.2002"New Ray" and at 36th Tokyo Motor Show (Commercial Vehicle)  the "Convoy88" (One-passenger electric car) was shown.

2004 opened Lamborghini Osaka branch in Osaka area and the "Nouera" (Modified car based on Honda Accord). Series of awesome modified vehicles are being produced under Mitsuoka Motors.


Mitsuoka Current Model

Himiko, Ryugi, Viewt, Galue (LHD), Galue, Like-T3.


Mitsuoka Previous Model

  1. BUBU 50 Series (a series of three-wheeled microcars)
  2. BUBU 356 Speedster (a copy of the Porsche 356 Speedster)
  3. Convoy 88
  4. Dore
  5. Galue
  6. Galue 204
  7. Microcar K-4
  8. Nouera
  9. Orochi
  10. Ray
  11. Ray II
  12. Ray III (similar to the Riley Elf Mk.3)
  13. Yuga (a London Taxi copy)
  14. Zero1 (a Lotus Super Seven copy with Eunos Roadster drive train)


Mitsuoka Extinct Model

  • Mitsuoka K-1
  • Mitsuoka K-2
  • Mitsuoka K-3
  • Mitsuoka K-4
  • Mitsuoka Ryoga



List of few top most popular Mitsuoka models on JCT :


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