Lexus, Japan

Lexus, Japan




1989; 28 years ago
Eiji Toyoda

Nagoya, Japan


Lexus is a luxury vehicle division of Japanese car maker Toyota established in 1989 by the Eiji Toyota, its headquarters located in Nagoya, Japan and its operational centers are placed in Brussels, Belgium and the U.S. in Torrance, California. It has ranked among the 10 biggest Japanese global brands in market value. The Lexus marque is advertise in more than 70 countries and regions globally.



1980’s :

In 1983, Eiji Toyoda issued a challenge to build the world's best car. The project, code-named F1 (“Flagship One”) developed the Lexus LS 400 to expand Toyota’s product line in the premium segment.The F1 project followed the Toyota Supra sports car and the premium Toyota Mark II models.Both the Supra and Mark II were rear-wheel drive cars with a powerful 7M-GE or 7M-GTE inline-six engine.The F1 manufacturer targeted their new sedan in global markets and started establishment on a new V8 engine. Lexus added sedan, coupe, convertible and SUV models. A hybrid version of the RX crossover debuted in 2005. Lexus vehicles are mostly manufactured in Japan.


1990’s :

In 1990, during its first full year of sales, Lexus sold 63,594 LS 400 and ES 250 sedans in the U.S. The Lexus begin its first sports coupe since 1991, the SC400, shared the LS 400’s V8 engine and rear-wheel drive design.

In 1993, Lexus launched the mid-size GS300 sports sedan, based on the Toyota Aristo using the Toyota "S" platform. In 1996, Lexus debut its first SUV, the LX 450. Lexus added the first luxury-branded crossover SUV, the RX 300, and the second generation GS 300 and GS 400 sedans in 1998.. Lexus first entered the motorsport arena in 1999 when its racing unit, Team Lexus, Team Lexus got its first victory with its sixth race at Road Atlanta.

The Lexus LS 400, had a design that shared no major elements with earlier Toyota vehicles, with a new 4.0 L V8 gasoline engine and rear-wheel drive, The LS 400 was sold along with the smaller ES 250, a rebadged version of the Japanese market Toyota Camry Prominent/Toyota Vista.


2000s :

Lexus issued the IS line in 2000, a series of entry-level sport sedans. In 2001, the first convertible was appeared, as well as the SC 430, a decorated ES 300 and the third generation LS 430. The GX 470 mid-size SUV first appearance came in 2002.


Design And Technology

The 2010 RX and HS models included the Remote Touch system, featuring a computer mouse-like controller with haptic feedback, was released other models have featured touch screen controls (through the 2009 model year) as a navigation screen interface.



The first Lexus vehicles introduced in Toyota's Tahara plant, a highly stylish, computerized manufacturing plant in Japan.  Lexus sedan and SUV production arise in Japan at the Tahara plant in Aichi and Miyata plant in Fukuoka.


Logo & Brand


Lexus has an instantly-recognizable emblem that was finalized in the summer of 1987 and revealed in 1988. Saturated with simplicity and refinement, the Lexus logo is a stylized “L” encircled by an oval with a steel gray finish. The color depicts creativity, perfection, sophistication and modernity.



List of few top most popular Lexus models on JCT :


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