Japan Machinery Associations

Japan Machinery Associations

Japan Machinery Associations


Japan Automotive Machinery and Tool Manufacturers Association:

Address : Room No. 304, Kikao Sinko Building, 5-8, Shibakoen, 3-chome, Minatoku Tokyo
Zip : 105-0011
Country : Japan
Phone : 03-3431-3773
Fax : 03-3431-5880
Website : www.jamta.com

This association is a nationwide organization comprised 48 manufacturers of automotive service equipment. The precision-engineered and durable products  made at the up-to-date, rationalized plants of to association menbers are delivered to automobile manufac-turers, research laboratories, service stations and repair and maintenance shops across the country and are widly used to keep motor vehicles in better ru-nnig conditions. Latese production of automotive service equipment was valued at yen 100,000,000,000 a year. Of the total, yen 10,000,000,000 worth of products were exported to overseas markets. We take a special pride in the fact that Japanese made automotive service equipment has met varied requirements on a global basi.


Japan Crane Association (JCA):

Address : 1-11-7, Shinkiba, Koutou-ward Tokyo
Zip : 136-0082
Country : Japan
Phone : 81-3-5569-1911
Fax : 81-3-5569-1916
Website : www.cranenet.or.jp

Established: September 5th, 1963
Japan Crane Association (JCA) is a public corporation approved by the Minstry of Health, Labour and Welfare, the objectives of which are to prevent work-related accidents due to cranes, and upgrade the safety management of the load transportation. These objectives are achieved through carrying out technical research and surveys, training and education, information dissemination,inspection and examination, and providing the technical guidance on cranes, Through its activities JCA has been playing the leading role in the field of cranes and acting as a technical information source.

JCA is a public corporation playing a leading role in improvement of industrial safety and transport management through survey and research, dissemination of knowledge and guidance concerning cranes, derricks, mobile cranes, elevators, gondolas and construction lifts (hereinafter referred to simply as "cranes").

Cranes are technologically advancing. To investigate and come up with ongoing trends as well as to cope with prevention of accidents due to cranes, JCA set up the following permanent technical committees to conduct the research and surveys regarding the structure, use, maintenance, etc. on cranes.

JCA also organizes the ad hoc technical committees in accordance with the necessity of the projects.

JCA is playing a major role for international standardization activities for cranes (including mobile cranes) as a national drafting body of ISO/TC96 (Crane and related equipment) and the secretariat of ISO/TC96/SC5 (Use, operation and maintenance).

In addition, JCA acts as a drafting body of national standards and/or safety regulations of cranes and conducts the research entrusted by Government.


Japanese Material Handling Society(JMHS):

Address : 10F. TOGEKI Bldg. 1-1, Tsukiji 4-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Zip : 104-0045
Country : Japan
Phone : +83-3-3543-9335
Fax : +81-3-3543-8970
Website : www.jmhs.gr.jp

The Japanese Material Handling Society (JMHS) was founded in 1956 for the purposes of promoting technical innovation in production and distribution field especially through application of MH theory, development of its management and technology, and information exchange among JMHS members. Since its founding, JMHS has expanded as the core MH organization in Japan, accumulating international experiences through information exchanges with counterparts in Europe and U.S. Recently we have been developing close relationship with neighboring countries and regions such as China, Taiwan and Korea etc.

In alliance with Japan Productivity Center for Socio-Economic Development and Japan Packaging Institute, we are striving for global improvement of the total system in production and distribution.

JMHS is a leading organization composed of specialists and authorities in the field of MH, aiming to streamline or systematize MH and enhance efficiency of productivity and distribution in Japan.

From basic research on systematization to interchange of experiences, JMHS is involved with all kinds of MH related activities.

JMHS promotes modernization of productivity and distribution in cooperation with MH related people in different fields from governmental to private, industrial and institutional organizations or companies.

JMHS cooperates with overseas MH related organizations to keep up with the world trend of rationalization in production and distribution field.

JMHS keeps MH/distribution material that enables members to obtain the latest information on their internal and external trend.

As the only course existing in Japan for fostering able specialists, JMHS holds the "Logistics/MH Engineering Course" every year, which has produced capable experts and has been highly evaluated.


Tokyo Material Handling Co-op Society:

Tokyo Unpan Kiki Kyodokumiai

Address : %Chuo Sharyo Seisakusho, 3-4-11 Minato, Chuoku Tokyo
Zip : 104-0043
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 35531451
Fax : 03 35511477


All Japan Machine Tool Union:

Zennihon Kikai Kogusho Rengokai

Address : Kikai Kogu Kaikan, 5-14-15 Shiba, Minatoku Tokyo
Zip : 108-0014
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 34560831
Fax : 03 34560525


Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association:

Address : Hiei-Kudan Bldg. 8F, 3-8-11, Kudannminami, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Zip : 102-0074
Country : Japan
Phone : 03-3556-5522
Fax : 03-5556-5524
Website : www.jamma.or.jp

Japan Amusement Machinery Manufacturers Association, the environment surrounding the industry's research, technology development, information collection and delivery, including through the promotion of exchanges with national and international agencies, industry and development efforts, through the arcade We aim to communicate the heart and mind for making the times and the environment. Especially in recent years, international exchange, imitation combat, research, promotion of a healthy, with a wide range of activities.


Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association:

Address : Kikai Shinko Kaikan 2F, 3-5-8 Shibakoen, Minatoku Tokyo
Zip : 105-0011
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 54052288
Fax : 03 54052280
Website : www.cema.or.jp

Japan's construction equipment industry has grown rapidly with the support of active demands in both Japan and overseas market during the high postwar economic growth. Shipment value of construction equipment has exceeded 2 trillion yen and we have become one of the main industries in Japan. At the same time, Japan has become the world's largest construction equipment manufacturing country.

With such growth of the industry and to aim at appropriate measures concerning the rapid growth of domestic and overseas issues and improvement of industry standing, the Japan Construction Equipment Manufacturers Association was established in 1990 from the Japan Society of Industrial Machinery Manufacturers. With "Contributing to society through harmony and progress" as the fundamental principle, we currently have 74 regular members, 40 construction equipment parts manufacturing companies and construction equipment related companies as supporting members, and the member companies account for nearly 97% of the total sales of the construction equipment industry.


Japan Construction Machinery Lease Association:

Zenkoku Kensetsu Kikai Kigu Leasegyo Kyokai

Address : 2-1 Surugadai Kanda, Chiyodaku Tokyo
Zip : 101-0062
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 32937273
Fax : 03 32937275


Japan Machinery Exporters Association:

Nihon Kikai Yushutsu Kumiai

Address : Kikai Shinko Kaikan 4F, 3-5-8 Shibakoen, Minatoku Tokyo
Zip : 105-0011
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 34319507
Fax : 03 34366455


Japanese Society of Agricultural Machinery (JSAM):

Nogyo Kikai Gakkai

Address : 1-40-2 Nisshincho, Kitaku Saitamashi Saitamaken
Zip : 331-8537
Country : Japan
Phone : 048 6524119
Fax : 048 6524119
Website : www.j-sam.org


Kanto Automobile Machine Tools Co-op Association:

Kanto Jidosha Kikaikigu Kyodokumiai

Address : 2-5-5 Toranomon, Minatoku Tokyo
Zip : 105-0001
Country : Japan


Kinki Material Handling Machinery Association:

Kinki Umpankikai Kyokai

Address : 2-1-1 Imabashi, Chuoku Osaka
Zip : 541-0042
Country : Japan
Phone : 06 62312556
Fax : 06 62320415


National Federation of Agricultural Machinery Dealers Associations:

Zenkoku Nogyo Kikai Shogyo Kyodokumiai Rengokai

Address : Miriyoshi Bldg, 2-6 Sakumacho Kanda, Chiyodaku Tokyo
Zip : 101-0025
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 38637788
Fax : 03 38637785



Tokyo Heavy Equipment Manufacturers Consolidated Association:

Tokyoto Tekko Puranto Jigyo Kyodokumiai

Address : Sangaku Kyodo Ctr, 3-1-11 Ojima, Kotoku Tokyo
Zip : 136-0072
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 36855703
Fax : 03 36367650


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