Japan Motorcycle Associations

Japan Motorcycle Associations

Japan Motorcycle Associations


Japan Bicycle and Motorcycle Retailers Association:

Nihon Jitensha Keijidoshasho Kyodokumiai Rengokai

Address : Nihon Jitensha Kaikan II, 1-9-15 Akasaka
City : Minatoku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 107-0052
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 35836524
Fax : 03 35837056


Japan Motorcycle Racing Orgztn:

Nihon Kogata Jidosha Shinkokai

Address : Shin Toranomon Jitsugyo 3F, 1-1-21 Toranomon
City : Minatoku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 105-0001
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 35036421
Fax : 03 35036428


Japan Motorcycle Safety Association:

Zenkoku Nirinsha Anzen Fukyu Kyokai

Address : 2-28-11 Honcho,
City : Nakanoku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 164-0012
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 33725156
Fax : 03 33736385


Light Motorbike Inspection Organization:

Keijidosha Kensa Kyokai

Address : Yuseigojyokai Kotohira Bldg 2F, 1-14-1 Toranomon
City : MInatoku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 105-0001
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 35024666
Fax : 03 35028586


Motorcycling Federation of Japan (MFJ):

Address : Tikuti Square Building, 10th Floor No. 6, No. 11 3-chome,
City : Chuo-ku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 104-0045
Country : Japan
Phone : 03-5565-0900
Fax : 03-5565-0907
Website : www.mfj.or.jp

Motorcycle Federation of Japan (MFJ) is an organization governing the sport in 1961 as a motorcycle in Japan (1961) was established, in 1990 (1990) (the Ministry of Education), the Ministry of Education became the foundation. World governing body the International Federation of Motasaikurizumu Motorcycle Sports (FIM) is the only institution to join the Japanese team.

Currently about 4per year nationwide license holder 8 million racemotorcycles and enjoy participating in sports competitions in 00 official approvals.

MFJ has a variety of activities intended to contribute to the healthy development of motorcycle sports through the public mind.


Nippon MotorCycle Association (NMCA):

Address : 5-7-12 NK Ootsuka Shin Building 6F, Otsuka
City : Bunkyo-ku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 12-0012
Country : Japan
Website : www.nmca.gr.jp

Motorcycle with "Energy conservation and resource saving", "fun and convenience" and "space-saving" society caused to spread social advantages, environmental improvement of manufacturing motorcycle users, and social Masu Tamotsu Imejiappu of activities to promote, which aims to contribute to the healthy development of society traffic.

  1. The joy of motorcycle users, businesses that contribute to convenience
  2. Motorcycle sales environment improvement project
  3. Utilizing business and social activities for motorcycles


Tokyo Motorcycle Show Organization:

Tokyo Motasaikurusho Jikko Iinkai

Address : 1104,1-44-10 Higashiikebukuro
City : Toshimaku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 170-0013
Country : Japan
Phone : 03 35903227
Fax : 03 35901338


NMCA Motorcycle Association, Hokkaido Branch of Japan:

Address : Article 20 5-chome,  Sapporo Sapporo, District minicar Association Hall 2F 1-20
City : Kita-ku
State : Shinkawa
Zip : 001-0925
Country : Japan
Phone : 011-768-4112
Fax : 011-768-4113


Tohoku Branch Japan NMCA Motorcycle Association:

Address : Miyagino 3-chome, Sendai, Ougimati site traffic
City : Miyagi-ku
State : Miyagi 3-9
Zip : 983-0034
Country : Japan
Phone : 022-782-1821
Fax : 022-239-8470


NMCA Motorcycle Association Kanto Branch Japan:

Address : 5-7-12 NK Ootsuka Shin Building 6F, Otsuka
City : Bunkyo-ku
State : Tokyo
Zip : 112-0012
Country : Japan
Phone : 03-6902-8190
Fax : 03-6902-8195


Kinki Nippon MotorCycle Association NMCA Branch:

Address : 1-7-14 2F, Nishi-ku, Itatibori
City : Osaka
State : Osaka Prefecture
Zip : 550-0012
Country : Japan
Phone : 06-6578-7812
Fax : 06-6534-1850


Motorcycle Association, Japan Branch NMCA Tyuugoku:

Address : 1-18-9, Nishi-ku, The second diamond Hing Building 2F,
City : Hiroshima City,
State : Hiroshima Prefecture,
Zip : 733-0036
Country : Japan
Phone : 082-235-2383
Fax : 082-295-2893


Shikoku Branch of Japan Association NMCA Motorcycle:

Address : 858-1 C 102 Building , Morimatsu cho,
City : Matsuyama
State : Ehime Prefecture
Zip : 791-1113
Country : Japan
Phone : 089-970-0506
Fax : 089-970-8150


Kyushu Branch of Japanese Motorcycle Association NMCA:

Address : 2-2-19, Hakata-ku Fukuoka Building, Room 2, Enokida
City : Fukuoka
State : Fukuoka Prefecture
Zip : 812-0004
Country : Japan
Phone : 092-415-4558
Fax : 092-415-4559


Women’s International Motorcycle Association, Japan (WIMA):

Women’s International Motorcycle Association, Japan (WIMA) was established in Japan in April 1996.

In the season cherry trees were blooming in April 1996, 27 members of WIMA from different countries in Europe visited Japan to introduce WIMA to Japan.  This visit was announced in advance in the monthly magazine “Lady’s Bike” and Japanese riders who read this article gathered to enjoy touring in Izu, visiting motorcycle factory, and sightseeing in Kyoto with riders from Europe.  In this occasion, the first WIMA branch in Asia was established in Japan.

Since we do not have anything like headquarters in particular country, all branches are organized in unique style reflecting their own culture or geographic background.We WIMA Japan are also seeking our own style that matches Japanese female riders and wishing to communicate with members in other countries.

WIMA is more like a group of female riders who just enrolled as a member rather than the club for touring.  It is a group of women who loves motorcycle and interested in communicating with female riders all over the world.  Therefore, it is free for members to belong any other touring clubs or organizations beside WIMA.  Members are in many different occupations, married and unmarried, or students.

Members usually contact each other through internet and the news letters called “WIMA PAPER” issued 2 – 3 times a year.  “WIMA PAPER” is a news letter created by member of WIMA Japan.  In creating “WIMA PAPER” members who volunteer in their field dedicate their skills in editing, reporting or translating the news from domestic activities and the activities in other countries.

Members who wish to join the international rally can apply through WIMA Japan; however, it is not a group tour.  Sometimes, members individually call the other member to travel together but basically members are requested to arrange their own air ticket or accommodation by exchanging information each other.  We stand on the point to ask members to do by yourself as much as you can handle.

Of course, members in host countries are always our great support in obtaining the information like transportation, sightseeing or where you can rent bike.  WIMA Japan provides members with such information and giving them an advice.

In spring and autumn, we have semi-annual local meeting in Japan for members to get together.  Since members are from different part of Japan, it is not a meeting that all members tour together.  Each member plans their route and come to the site by their own.  This system is same as international rally.  Currently we have these semi-annual meetings once in west-Japan area and the other one in east-Japan area.



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