Import From Xml

Import From Xml

JCT Automatic Stock Data Import XML File Explanation


3 Easy steps to automatic stock data import at JCT


  • Step 1

Make script on your home page for generate stock list into xml format.
Like :


  • Step 2

Please give us url of your script.


  • Step 3

We will import your stock data automatically

Example of stock xml file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>


<generation_time>2010-01-13 21:02:16</generation_time>





  <veh_title> DAIHATSU TANTO WELCOME SEAT</veh_title>














  <drive>Right Hand</drive>



  <other_info>Popular small compact car, good for use in city run.

  Key-less entry, HID head lights One Owner</other_info>

  <update_date>0000-00-00 00:00:00</update_date>




  <body_type>Large Bus</body_type>




  <model>S70TH 2</model>











  <accessories>ABS,Airbags,Air Conditioner,Alarm,Alloy Wheels,Brakes Antilocks,Cassette Stereo,CD Changer,CD Player,Central Locking,

  Dual Airbag,Dual Aircondition,Leather Seats,Navigation,Power Mirrors,Power Seat,Power Steering,Power Window,Radio,Remote Doorkey,

  Sunroof,Tape Player</accessories>














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Please check below for every tag explanation.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes" ?>

  Please put this line for xml header configuration.


<vehicle_list>     =       Root Tag


  XML file generation date & time. Date & time should be in  “yyyy-mm-dd H:m:s”  format.

  eg.<generation_time>2010-01-13 21:02:16</generation_time>



  Total number of vehicles/records in the xml file. Do not put comma. 




  Each vehicle and its detail is wrapped in this tag. This tag contains several tags. eg. 



  Serial number of the vehicle in the xml file. It should be auto incremental number. 

  Like 1, 2, 3, 4, 5………up to total no of vehicles in each vehicle.



  URL of the folder on your website where the vehicle images are stored.

  It is just prefix of vehicle image file name. 




  Vehicle title if any.

  like: Very Good condition, Automatic, Diesel, Low Mileage 2008!! 

  eg.<veh_title> DAIHATSU TANTO WELCOME SEAT</veh_title>



  Your own stock number of vehicle/unit. 

  eg. <stock_number>8P05152022</stock_number>



  Vehicle price in Japanese Yen currency. 

  Do not need to mention the currency symbol or commas(,).

  eg. <price>208000</price>



  If you want to put price in US$, instead of JPY. 

  Do not need to mention the currency symbol or commas(,).

  eg. <price_usd>2080</price_usd> 



  Special offer price of unit in Japanese Yen currency. 

  Do not need to mention the currency symbol or commas(,).


  Special offer price must be at least 10,000 yen less than the actual YEN price of the unit.



  If you want to put special offer price in US$, instead of JPY.

  Do not need to mention the currency symbol or commas(,).

  eg. <offer_price_usd>1950</offer_price_usd> 

  Special offer price must be at least 100 US$ less than the actual US$ price of the unit.  



  Vehicle’s stauts. Possible values are :

  Available,  Sold Out,  On Order, Reserved, Shipping, Booked  

  eg. <status>Available</status>



  Vehicle is new or used.

  Possible values are : New or Used (any one) 

  eg. <new_used>Used</new_used>



  Whether to display the vehicle in stock list or not.

  ’1’ for display and ‘0’ for not to display 




  Vehicle’s manufacturing year.

  It should be in yyyy format. And between 1900 to whatever the current year. Otherwise will be ignored. 

  eg. <mfg_year>2002</mfg_year>



  Vehicle’s manufacturing month. It should be between 1 to  12.

  eg. <mfg_month>8</mfg_month>



  Vehicle’ chassis/VIN no. 

  eg.  <chassis_no>FB15/395442</chassis_no>



  Mileage in Kilometer (Km).

  Do not put commas(,). 

  eg. <mileage>9000</mileage> 



  Engine CC 

  Do not put commas(,). 




  Vehicle’s drive or steering.

  Possible values are ‘Right Hand’ or ‘Left Hand’ 

  eg.<drive>Right Hand</drive>



  Number of doors in the vehicle. Should be a number. 

  eg. <doors>4</doors>



  Number of  seats in the vehicle. Should be a number. 

  eg. <seat_capacity>5</seat_capacity>


  <other_info>………….. </other_info> 

  It has any remark or note about the vehicle to show the customer.

  Maximum 500 Characters. 

  eg. <other_info>Popular small compact car, good for use in city run. Key-less entry, HID head lights One Owner</other_info>


  <update_date>yyyy-mm-dd hh:ii:ss </update_date> 

  The date and time on which you update stock data at your website. 

  <update_date>0000-00-00 00:00:00</update_date>



  In which country the vehicle is located. 

  eg.  <location>Japan</location>



  Port name of vehicle’s location. 




  Vehcile type like Car, Truck, Bus, Machinery, Bike. 

  eg. <type>Car</type>


  <body_type >……</body_type> 

  Vehicle body type .

  like in truck

  boxbody truck, dump truck, tank truck, freezer truck etc

  in machinery bulldozer, cranes, wheel loader, forklift, excavator etc. 

  eg. <body_type>Large Bus</ body_type>



  Vehicle make (Manufacturer) like Toyota, Nissan, Honda etc. 

  eg. <make>Nissan</make>



  Vehicle model under the specified make. 

  eg. <maker>Sunny</maker> 



  Vehicle grade.

  eg. <model>Delux</model>



  Vehicle model code.

  eg. <model_code>KDH205</model_code>



  Which Fuel  is used in the vehicle. Petrol, Diesel etc. 

  eg. <fuel>Petrol</fuel>



  Vehicle exterior body color. 

  eg. <color>Gold</color>



  Vehicle auction grade if any. 

  eg. <grade_ext>3.5</grade_ext>



  Vehicle interior grade if any. 

  eg. <grade_int>C</grade_int>



  Vehicle transmission. Like AT, MANUAL etc. 

  eg. <transmission>FAT</transmission>



  loading capacity in Tons. (For Trucks/Equipment) 




  Possible values are '2WD' & '4WD' 




  Vehicle is repaired or not.

  possible values are ‘YES’, ‘NO’ 



  <accident >1</accident> 

  is accident ?

  possible values are ‘Yes, ‘No’

  ’1’ stands for ‘YES’ AND ‘0’ stands for ‘NO’ 

  eg. < accident >1</accident>

  If it is damaged or salvaged then, it could be mentioned in an attribute named "type". e.g.

  <accident type="Damaged">Yes</accident>


  <accident type="Salvaged">Yes</accident>



  Click for more information. youtube_embed_video_url 




  Vehicle accessories/options comma separated.

  eg. <accessories>ABS, Airbags, Air Conditioner, Alarm, Alloy Wheels, Brakes Antilocks, Cassette Stereo, CD Changer, CD Player, Central Locking, Dual Airbag, Dual Aircondition, Leather Seats, Navigation, Power Mirrors, Power Seat,         Power Steering, Power Window, Radio, Remote Doorkey, Sunroof, Tape Player</accessories> 



  This tag wrap all the images of the vehicle  each in “url” tag.

  Maximum 10 images. 


  Provide the name of image in the url tag. Remember only the name of the image not the full url. 

  eg. <url>veh_stock_id_1.jpeg</url>



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Note :

  • Each Image size limit 1024pxl x 800pxl and maximum 512kb.
  • If there is no value for the any xml tag then either don’t mention that tag or leave it empty, no need to use keywords like ‘none’, ‘not available’ or anything else.
  • All XML tags should be in small letters.
  • Bargain Stock data will be imported 30% of total stock data.
  • Your stock data will import automatically by our server once in a 24 hours.
  • We can also import CSV, XLS, JSON format files.
  • Maximum limit for Stock data as below :

Premium Member: 1500 Vehicles Stock Data

Gold Member: 500 Vehicles Stock Data

If you have any doubt or query, please feel free to contact us any time.




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