How to Manage Stock

How to Manage Stock



How to Manage Stock at JCT?


  • Step 1

 Please refer email for login information, which we have sent you after activating your account :

Please upload your stock data at below url :


Welcome Page


  • Step 2

 After login into your account, click on Stock Manager and Add icon

Now enter stock data in the form below:

For more detail information about stock data entry, please Click here !

If you have any problem in stock data entry, please contact us.


  • Step 3

Once stock data is entered, changes can be done in the stock by clicking on Edit icon.

After searching the vehicle, edit your stock by clicking on EDIT icon and click on Update button to save the changes made.


  • Step 4

Stock can be easily deleted.
Select the vehicle you want to delete and click on Cross sign (delete) which is highlighted in Red Box.

To import your stock data automatically from your website to JCT, please Contact Us



ata automatically from your website to J

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