WhatsApp Use for Japan Used Cars Export Business

WhatsApp Use for Japan Used Cars Export Business

5 ways to use What's App for Japan Used Car Export Business


World's fastest growing communication Application – What's App has taken all other communication and chatting Apps by storm. Billions of users are sharing photos, videos, messages online every day through What's App. It has acquired a permanent space in all mobile devices and has become a necessity to remain connected with friends, colleagues, customers and relatives.
Another aspect of this great mobile application which is not explored much now is its use in the Business world especially in Japan Used Car export business. We at JapaneseCarTrade.com explored 5 best ways What's App can be used for your business promotion, sales & customer support.


1. Customer Contact & Follow ups.

Contacting your customers through SMS, Emails and Calls have been used to their best effect. However as per analysis at JapaneseCarTrade.com, using What's App over the convention methods has amazing results. Customers may not attend phone calls or too busy to check the emails, but dropping a message on what's app does the trick for you. There are more than 90% replies from the customer on what's app who are interested to buy cars.
Add the phone numbers sent in the inquiry emails from JapaneseCarTrade.com to your What's App contacts list and follow up with the buyers for their requirements.
You can share your stock Photos, Videos, and details on What's App. Follow up your customer/clients to crack the deals. Update customers for the status of Vehicle export to their destination port.

Install What's App on your android mobiles & tablets from below link:

Install What's App on your iPhones & iPads from below link:

Once Application is installed open the same and register with What's App.
Sync your contacts on What's App and get started!!


2. Group Chats Among Staff & Buyers.

Make different Group of Buyers on the basis of Country which you receive in the inquiry emails from JCT and send daily offers for promotion and sale conversion. What's app can be used by all Staff members as well to remain connected with each other officially.

Groups can be created easily in What's App. To create a New Group follow below steps:
Touch New Group Option in Chats.
Give a Name to your Group, also can add a Group icon.
Now add contacts to your new Group and carry on your business promotion instantly.


3. Broadcast Special Offers, Promotion & Development.

Send Promotional messages & offers at once to all customers through broadcast list. Broadcast messages will be received by the buyers who have saved your number in their mobile.

To create Broadcast List, follow simple steps below:
Touch Broadcast List option.
Touch New List to create a list and then find it under Broadcast List on Chat tab.


4. What's App Calling.

Make Phone calls absolutely free of charge using What's App. Phone calls through What's App only requires internet access and you can make free calls internationally to the buyers whom you have added to your what's app contacts from the JCT inquiry data.
Just touch on the Phone icon to use What's App Calling immediately.


5. Access What's App on Web (Laptops/Desktops).

What's App can be accessed on laptops and desktops as well to facilitate easy management of your contacts and integrating them with the inquiries received from JapaneseCarTrade.com.

We at JCT provide phone numbers of the buyers with the country code. You can make a CSV file of all the mobile numbers and can import them to your What's App contacts easily, please follow below process:

  • Create a Gmail account or can use an existing one, that is installed in your mobile phone.
  • Create a CSV file with all mobile numbers, names and countries of respective buyers. Creating a CSV file is very easy, open an excel file and enter the details mobile numbers, names and countries etc. Now Save as this file in format CSV (MS-DOS). Please download the sample CSV file for your reference.
  • Import the CSV file created above to your Gmail id that is already configured in your Mobile. To Import CSV file, click on Contacts option from Gmail dropdown or open below link in your web browser:




Click on Import Contacts Option to upload the CSV file and Click on Import.




  • Now in your Mobile Sync Contacts from your Gmail Account. All the Contacts that are imported from the CSV are saved to your mobile contact list automatically.
  • Open What's App in mobile and Sync contacts in What's App, all the contacts will be synced to the What's App contact


What's App Web

What's App has an interface with the name What's App Web to be used on laptops & desktops. To use What's App Web, go to Settings and touch What's App Web. What's App will ask access to use your mobile Camera, please click Ok. Read the instructions & click 'Ok , Got it' to move ahead.

Open link: https://web.whatsapp.com and scan the QR code from your mobile. Make sure to keep the option 'Keep me Signed in' checked.

You are now successfully logged in to the What's App control panel on your device. Get Started to use What's App on your desktops and laptops easily as you have been using on your mobile.



Explore all used explained above to use What's App for your Used car Export business.

On further assistence on this topic, please feel free to contact us



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