Why to Join JCT Membership ?

Why to Join JCT Membership ?



Membership Features Premium Gold Free
Number of stock data limit at JapaneseCarTrade.com (JCT) 1500 500 20
Stock expires limit in days 180 180 60
Outstanding company listing Yes X X
Advertisement banners Yes X X
Youtube video display on stock detail page Yes X X
Two Youtube video display on profile page Yes X X
Social media icons Yes X X
Links to member's website from JCT Yes X X
Company president photo Yes X X
Company Advertisement on Facebook Yes X X
Contact to overseas dealers/importers Yes Yes X
Buyers general (non stock) inquiries by email with full contact info Yes Yes X
Member's stock inquiry with buyers full information Yes Yes X
Daily stock matching alert to buyers from E-mail. Yes Yes X
Bargain sale stock entry permit Yes Yes X
Membership since on www.JapaneseCarTrade.com Yes Yes X
Skype ID show Yes Yes X
Customer voice Yes Yes X
Associations membership logo Yes Yes X
Company information details by without login. Yes Yes X
Outstanding stock display Yes Yes X
Paid members listing at JCT Yes Yes X
Member’s company office and staff images Yes Yes X
Automatic stock data import Yes Yes X
Company address map on profile page Yes Yes Yes
Company listing with logo at JCT Yes Yes Yes
Personalised home page Yes Yes Yes
PRICE in JPY for 12 Months 360,000 150,000 Free

Members can upload cars, trucks, buses, machinery, equipment, parts etc as per below limit:

Premium Members : 1500 units

Gold Members       :  500 units

Free Members       :  20 units

Members stock will display for following days and after that member’s have to update stock or enter again

Premium Members : 180 days

Gold Members       : 180 days

Free Members       : 60 days

We display always Premium Members listing on first priority. We shows listing on three different methods at randomly every time:

  • Most/least viewed company in top.
  • Oldest/recent joined company in top
  • Most/least number of stock company in top

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We advertise two banners on Premium Members company profile as below:

  • Dealer template homepage – vertical (size 160 x 600 pixels)
  • Dealer template about us page – horizontal (size 728 x 90 pixels)
  • Dealer template top slider banner - (size 1500 x 250 pixels)
We display video for stock units through Youtube for Premium Members’ stock.
Member have to upload video first on Youtube and enter same video embed code at stock data entry form on JCT or on data import file.

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Premium members will get advertise two YouTube Video of their company introduction to potential buyers.

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Premium members will get four social media icons (icons) display and linked to their social profiles to advertise company.
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Company President Photo will be shown at Company Profile with Name.
We promote our Premium Members through social media by posting advertisements at our Facebook account weekly. 

Facebook Profile

Paid members can send their offer messages (10 per day) to thousands of overseas vehicle dealers/importers listed at JapaneseCarTrade.com.

JCT send all general and auction inquiries (around 500 ~ 600 inquiries per month) submitted by different overseas buyers, dealers, importers other than stock to all Premium & Gold members with buyers full Contact Details including email/skype ID.

Note : We check each and every inquiry manually before sending to our members. We never send any junk/spam inquiries to waste your valuable time.

All enquiries submitted by overseas buyers on JCT & 200 portal websites for particular stock will be sent to related paid members with buyer’s full information.

Note : We check each and every inquiry manually before sending to our members. We never send any junk/spam inquiries to waste your valuable time.

Below is Example Image !

JCT sent thousands of daily email alerts to different potential customers (on basis of recent inquiries or wish list) for matching latest updated stock of paid members. It helps paid members to get more inquiries and sale their stock more fast.

Below is Example Image !

Paid members can advertise their special/bargain offers stock (upto 30% of total stocks) to potential customers.

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JCT shows number of years below paid members icons to create more trust among potential customers.

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Paid members skype ID will show on company profile page.

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Paid members will get link of their customer voice/testimonials detail and photos on their company profile to show to potential buyers.

Testimonials on Template Home page
individual Testimonials Page
JCT will show Trade Associations/Chambers of Commerce logo of their respective membership of associations to create trust among potential buyers on company profile page.

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Paid members company information can be view by without login on JCT. Free members contact information can be view by only after login.
Paid Members stock always display above of all free members stock in any type of search results. JCT display stock of each paid members equally. No stock display again till other member’s stock are available. So equal opportunity for all paid members. Free members stock always in bottom.
Paid members will get priority listing at JCT exporters / dealers list. Free members will be displayed after Paid members.

Display priority is (according to number of hits/view of stock and company profile) :

1st Priority       : Premium Members

2st Priority       : Gold Members

3rd Priority       : Free Members

We display six images (office/yard/staffs) on company profile for each paid members to create company profile more informative to create more trust among buyers.
We can import paid members stock data in any kind of format like through XML, CSV, Excel, JSON or any other format.

Please Contact Us for More Information.

Check your xml format

XML Format

We shows address map from Google for all paid members on company profile page to make profile more informative.
Dealer's comapny details will be displayed at JCT along with their Company Logo.

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JCT provide personalised homepage for all members with following links:

  • Company Profile
  • Stock List
  • Contact
  • Inquiry
  • Testimonials
  • Freight Calculator


Flexible Price Plans for all types of business categories and budgets

Effective From 1st October 2017

We have got price plans suiting to all business categories and budgets. For example: Your Company is dealing only in Bus Category. You may go for the 2nd Price Plan where you can upload all type of Buses like small bus & large bus.

As per 2nd Bus Category Plan, you can upload 250 Bus units and will cost you JPY 60,000 for 1 Year. General (non-stock) inquiries will be sent only for Bus Category. There will be no Cars, Vans, Truck, Machinery or Parts inquiries.

We recommend the Combo Offer, as it has more stock upload limit which means more stock inquiries also wider category range including Cars, Buses, Trucks, Machinery, Parts etc.


S.No. Business Category
Premium Membership
 Number of Stock   Price JPY(Yearly) 
Gold Membership
 Number of Stock   Price JPY(Yearly) 
1 Cars (Sedan, SUV, Hatchback, Wagon, Van etc) 750 300,000 250 120,000
2 Bus (All types of Buses) 750 150,000 250 60,000
3 Trucks (All type of Trucks including mini trucks). 750 150,000 250 60,000
4 Machinery (Exacavator, Forklift, Tractor, Farming etc.) 750 100,000 250 50,000
5 Bikes (all type of bikes, scooty, two wheelers) 750 50,000 250 25,000
6 Parts & Others (All type of parts, engines, half cut, medical equipment, bicycle, electronics etc.) 750 50,000 250 25,000
7 Only General Inquiries (Non-Stock) 0 180,000 0 75,000
8 Only Stock Inquiries (No General Inquiries) 750 180,000 500 75,000
9 Combo Offer (1 to 6) All Categories 1500 360,000 500 150,000
  JUMVEA / SLAAJ Members Discount is only on Combo offer for any type of Membership   40,000   20,000
   Inquiries Stock + General Inquiries*   Stock + General Inquiries*

All rates are for 12 Months
*General Inquiries for Premium/Gold will be forwarded according to industry


General Inquiries Avg. Monthly (for last 6 months) No. of Inquiries
Cars 400 ~ 500
Bus 30 ~ 40
Trucks 20 ~ 30
Machinery 20 ~ 30
Bikes 10 ~ 20
Parts 20 ~ 30
All 500 ~ 600

Inquiries From Major 20 Countries
Kenya Jamaica Bangladesh
South Africa United Kingdom Trinidad And Tobago
Tanzania Australia Pakistan
Zambia Botswana Mozambique
Zimbabwe Namibia Sri Lanka
New Zealand Papua New Guinea UAE
Uganda Mauritius Fiji

Contact Now:

  • 802 Royal ST Odori Koen Building,
       2-18-1Yayoi-Cho, Naka-Ku,
       Yokohama-231-0058, Japan
P K Bansal

  • 080-3380-4414
  • 045-252-5233

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