Top 10 Best-selling cars in Japan in 2014

Top 10 Best-selling cars in Japan in 2014

Top 10 Best-selling cars in Japan in 2014


Japan as we all know is World’s major producer of cars. Every year Japan witnesses many launches of new cars and other vehicles from top car makers Japanese and foreign too. This year too Japan witnessed many dynamic and beautiful car models since the beginning of 2014. Toyota Aqua ,Honda Fit , Toyota Prius ,Toyota Corolla , Nissan note , Toyota Voxy ,Toyota Vitz , Honda Vezel ,Nissan Serena , Toyota Noah are the cars that captured the attention of the Japanese car market in 2014.

The top-ten best-selling car Marques in Japan from January to June 2014 compared to 2013 was almost the came.Toyota remain a the coronet carmaker with 6 Toyota Model in the top-ten best-selling cars list with Toyota Aqua holding first, Toyota Prius ,Toyota Corolla on 3rd and 4th respectively. Toyota Voxy , Toyota Vitz grabbing the 6 and 7 and Noah at 10th. Other Japanese brands are competing neck to neck to take the positions.


Let us know why the “Top 10 Best-selling cars” are the Best-selling cars in Japan: -

  1. Toyota Aqua: -
    Toyota Aqua Wins the First position by selling 123,637 units. Toyota Aqua with engine capacity of 1500cc, two wheel drive with right hand steering, automatic gear, fuel efficiency of 37.0 kilometer per liter and passengers capacity of 5 people has been the coolest choice of the people.

  2. Honda Fit: -
    The Honda Fit stands at second position for the 4th time in last 5 months. The Honda Fit is a small car with an exceptional array of interior versatility thanks to seats that fold, flip and tumble. The Fit EV has much of the same flexibility but runs on electricity with an EPA range of 82 miles. Large expanses of glass equate to great visibility, while a long wheelbase enables the Fit to have a smooth ride quality and generous passenger legroom.

  3. Toyota Prius: -
    Toyota Prius still dominates the hybrid segment by remaining at third place with 13,557 units. The Prius has a four-cylinder engine and electric motor. All models have a continuously variable transmission (CVT). The 2014 Prius gets an EPA-estimated 51/48 mpg city/highway, which is excellent, even among hybrid cars.

  4. Toyota Voxy: -
    Toyota Voxy is among the best selling vehicle in Toyota series. The powerful mini-van holds fourth position among top-10 best selling cars in Japan with an impressive gain of 184%. The Voxy also gets the optional hybrid drive system along with the 2-liter gasoline unit and can also be had with special adaptations for disabled persons, such as a powered rear ramp for wheelchairs.

  5. Toyota Corolla: -
    Toyota Corolla is in full swing with sales of the redesigned 2014, the compact sedan is back on 5th position in the best-selling car segment. The Corolla is available with a 132-hp or 140-hp 1.8-liter I-4 mated to a four-speed auto, six-speed manual, or CVT. Fuel economy is EPA-rated 27-30/36-42 mpg city/highway.

  6. Honda Vezel: -
    The exterior design of the VEZEL expresses SUV-like stability in its lower body and coupe-like styling in its upper body. In Japan, both the hybrid and gasoline models of the VEZEL are available for sale. The hybrid model is equipped with SPORT HYBRID i-DCD* that combines a 1.5 L direct injection engine with a high-output motor, and the gasoline model equipped with a 1.5 L direct injection engine. Adopting the new-generation power train technologies, the VEZEL realizes a dynamic driving character and excellent fuel economy at the same time for both models.

  7. Toyota Vitz: -
    Toyota Vitz was again in seventh place – the only car on the list to have maintained its relative position from a twelvemonth ago. Toyota Vitz is a sub-compact hatchback car and is one of the most selling ultra-fuel efficient car. The car viewed gain of around 40% and land up at seventh position in this year's July best-selling car segment.

  8. Nissan Note: -
    Nissan Note is a mini multi purpose vehicle very stylish and along amazing features. One of the new safety technology incorporated by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan in Nissan Note is surround view camera system. The new all round safety system deliver Lane departure warning and blind spot monitoring on the move. The car has bigger luggage space and comes with a trunk under the floor. The note comes with ample leg and head space along with comfortable seats.

  9. Nissan Serena: -
    The Nissan Serena holds 9th position. Launched in 1991, the debut model was a compact little van, but with each generation it grew larger over the years.

  10. Toyota Noah: -
    The Toyota Noah, a sister car of the Voxy, is a minibus which gained from a model update early in 2014. Sales doubled from a year ago, beautiful front-grill and overhanging wheel flares make this car to catch the 10th position in top 10 Best-sellers.



Again and again Japanese car maker prove that there is no end to innovation and improvement and beautification in the Automobile industry and they will come up with more and more vehicle that are fuel efficient, faster, safer. People of the world jut be on their toes to grab the year’s, best Japanese cars and be proud owner for years. Newer Japanese models of all makes are available as used cars at at very attractive price, check for your dream car.



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