10 smart tips before buying a used car from Japan

10 smart tips before buying a used car from Japan

10 smart tips before buying a used car from Japan


Buying a car is every person’s dream. Some are rich and pick one of the best cars in the market but those who are not so fortunate need not lose heart. You can buy one of the most popular Japanese used car from Japan at very low cost and be a proud owner of showroom new looking used car.

This also will make you smart shopper for you got car at almost 30-40% lower price. That’s interesting! Is it not? More interesting fact is that today purchasing a used car from Japan can be done from your home or office computer. No need to visit Japan for this purchase. You just need to follow the below tips.


10 Smart tips before you decide to purchase a used car from Japan:-


1. Select the Right Exporter:-

Log on to any of Japanese used car portal site and go through the member exporters list or different exporters sites. Select the ones with

  • Long Establishment Years: Exporters working since 10 and more years.

  • Registered Company: Company with registration number and Police verification certificate (used goods dealing license).

  • Telephone: Must check landline telephone number of the exporter.

  • Address, Email, Website: Check the address on Google search, for email and website look for IP and owner of the domain registration.

  • Membership of Associations and Auction houses: Assures that they are genuine and resourceful to give best deals. All the above will make sure that exporter is reliable and experienced and you will be able to buy the best used car at the lowest price.


2. Check the stock and prices:

Check the stock and prices of at least 2- 4 exporters you have already selected.

  • Verify the vehicle condition: Go through pictures, details, chassis numbers and compare with the Inspection sheet (if vehicle from auction).

  • Compare the prices: Comparison of 3-4 dealer prices of same model and conditions get an idea of market price.


3. Check the payment and delivery terms:

Once you have the car conditions, prices and terms of payment now compare all three points and choose the best suitable exporter.


4. Clear all doubts:

Re-check all document again, Go through testimonials, choosing the right exporter is the most important step.


5. Communicate your requirements:

Now inform your exporter or dealer the car you need and the highest price you wish to pay for the car.


6. Bidding for the car (if buying from an auction):

They will place a bid on your behalf and if successful you pay the complete amount for the car.


7. Exporter’s Work:

They do rest of the formalities and paper work for the inspection certification (if require), export procedure, shipment and update you the status from time to time.


8. Shipment:

The car is shipped within a week in normal circumstances but depend upon shipment schedule and availability of space on ship.


9. Clearance Documents:

Shipping and all documents related to purchase and payment required for custom clearance in your country are sent to you by courier.


10. Delivery:

Within 3 to 6 weeks your car reaches the port take the delivery and check the condition as per the details given earlier.



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We sure with all the care we took before purchase will not be wasted and same quality and condition car will be yours. Go get your Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Suzuki the best one from Japan. Be a proud owner and keep riding the economical yet best Japanese used car for years and years to come. 

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