Japanese Used Automobile Trade

Japanese Used Automobile Trade

Japanese Used Automobile Trade


If one is in the market for a used vehicle, the obvious place to go to is a Japanese used car market. There is no doubt that Japanese are more devoted towards their work, hence the end result are always a vehicle that one feels proud to drive. Japanese automobiles are among the top makers due to the reliability and quality of products offered. And as a result, large numbers of used cars and vehicles are exported to many countries across the world.

It is not easy to keep a car in Japan, due to strict guidelines for the road and safety of people. In Japan necessary inspection “Shaken” is to be done, when a car turns 3 years old, then every 2 years until the car turns 11, afterward every year. The cost of maintenance is also very high. Hence, it becomes difficult for people to keep vehicles and they are generally sold out. People who are mainly benefitted from this strict and rigorous inspection are mainly mechanics and used vehicle exporters. Many of the used cars find their way to other nations, where they are sold at very reasonable rates. In some countries like New Zealand, sales of new cars are being cut heavily by used Japanese cars.


The used car market of Japan has been bigger and is growing at a much faster pace compared to the new car market. According to the statistics, in the year 2003, 714,808 used vehicles were exported from Japan, whereas in 2013, as many as 1,163,109 Japanese used vehicles were exported. So, there is a massive increment of 448,301 units over a period of 10 years. It is expected that the used car market will grow almost double the size of the new car market in the next 5 years.


One of the major importers of Japanese used vehicles is Africa. Almost every country in this continent import used vehicles from Japan. Many African countries are underdeveloped, and do not possess much scope for new market. Hence, there are ample opportunities for Japanese used car exporters in these countries. Not only African countries, other countries in Europe, Asia, America, and Middle East also import Japanese used vehicles. Even, the economy of many countries depends hugely on importation of used vehicles.


Japanese vehicles are engineered properly and are safe to drive, that’s why Japanese cars operate well, even in case the driver forgets the scheduled maintenance. Japanese vehicles have more longevity, tighter tolerance in comparison with other maker vehicles. These are the reasons, why people from many countries import Japanese used vehicles. For instance, if one views, statistical data for Tanzania, one can see that large numbers of second hand cars imported from Japan long ago in the country are still on the roads.


Some other reasons that contributed towards the popularity of Japanese used vehicles:

  • Low Cost:-
    Availability of Japanese used cars at affordable prices makes them everyone’s car. With more than one car, come many restrictions, as owning a car in Japan is not an easy task, thus making many users to sell their cars at cheaper rates.

    The Japanese used car auction also contributes to save buyer’s money, as auctions offer cars at lower selling prices than normal, thus giving the buyer a great car at a bargain price.

  • Excellent car condition:-
    The Ministry of Transport in Japan constantly carries out a road-worthiness inspection called “Shaken” to check whether or not all vehicles on the road are properly maintained and safe to drive. The check is given on a new car after three years and successive check after every two years. Another reason that adds up to the good condition of vehicles in Japan is exceptionally smooth roads.

  • Easy availability of parts:-
    It is not a difficult thing to find spare parts of cars. The spare parts are available cheaply almost everywhere as Japanese car brands are famous around the world. In case of unavailability of some of the parts, then they can be imported from Japan very easily.

  • Trouble-free importation:-
    Another advantage is easy and convenient importation of used cars. With hundreds of exporters to supply used cars, availability of these cars becomes very easy. Used vehicle importers just have to get complete information regarding reliable and experienced vehicle exporters from Japan.


Day by day the popularity and the market of Japanese used vehicles is increasing tremendously. Every day, thousands of used vehicles are exported from Japan to various countries across the world. Used vehicles from Japan are generally in good condition, reasonably priced, and it is quite easy to find spare parts of Japanese vehicles.



Even the presence of many online portal sites helped in the popularity of Japanese used vehicles. Used vehicle exporters showcase their vehicles on these portals that help buyers to purchase a vehicle from local dealers directly. Thus, one can purchase any quality vehicle of his/her choice at reasonable prices. Also, one can see all vehicles offered from various exporters on one site; hence, it saves time while selecting a vehicle.


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