Botswana used car market

Botswana used car market

Botswana used car market


Japan is the world’s leading source of automobiles and is known for ages for delivering high quality vehicles at competitive prices. Importation of used cars from Japan is very frequent because of their reliability and authenticity. Botswana, a landlocked country in Southern Africa, and north of South Africa import used vehicles from Japan. The large number of Japanese imported second hand vehicles can be seen on the roads of Botswana.

Located at the heart of Africa, Botswana offers vast business opportunities in the area of automobiles and agriculture. Over the past many years, the country has one of the best performing economies in the world. Botswana offers very pleasant and business like atmosphere to traders. Importation of used vehicles in Botswana is quite simple due to lower duties.

Namibia-Walvis Bay and Durban are major ports for importing Japan used cars in Botswana. These ports provide straight forward clearing procedures and outstanding security for the used car and its content. Since traffic moves on the left side of the roads, right-hand-drive cars are recommended in Botswana.


Easy importation of vehicles in Botswana has increased the population of vehicles on the road. Motor vehicles per thousand people in Botswana have increased in comparison to previous data. As per the statistics of the World Bank, during 2005-2009, numbers of vehicles were 159, however, during 2009-2014, it has reached to 168. The motor vehicles include cars, buses and freight vehicles, but not two-wheelers. It has been forecasted that in 2015, the vehicle sale will grow by 3%, with commercial vehicles performing the best.


Like many other African countries, new vehicle market in Botswana is quite limited, thus giving fair opportunities to used cars exporters to invest in the market. Many people in Botswana prefer to purchase a Japanese used vehicle as one gets a good and reliable vehicle with prices almost half at that of the cost price of new vehicles. The number of used car dealers in Botswana is twice as that of new car dealers. These dealers in Botswana are found mainly in Gaborone, the capital city.



In the past few years, demand for used vehicles in Botswana has risen immensely especially for personal cars. Automobile makers ruling the market of Botswana are Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Hyundai and Kia. German automobile makers Volkswagen has also made its place in the market of Botswana. Botswana is one of the Africa’s truly prosperous nations with a stable economy. And with the increase in demand for Japanese vehicles, the country gives ample opportunities to small and big businesses to make a fortune.


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